The Joy Womb Project

Two dear friends of mine, Corey and Amanda, recently started a beautiful ministry called the Joy Womb Project. I love their heart for this pro-life ministry, and they have already seen such profound goodness of the Lord through it. Lives are being saved! The ministry is unique in the sense that they work with other organizations to seek out abortion-minded women, put them in contact with Godly counsel, and shower them with gifts for their new babies when God changes their hearts and shows them the value of life. The gift for these women that Corey and Amanda provide are diaper cakes. They view each little rolled diaper as a seed, used to sew the goodness, love, faithfulness, and provision of the Lord.

On Friday night, Women of Grace at Calvary Baptist Church hosted the first ever diaper rolling party for the Joy Womb Project, and it was pure JOY! About 25 of us gathered in our fellowship hall, where we ate tacos, fellowshipped, learned about the Joy Womb Project, and then rolled diapers for Corey and Amanda. Each lady brought with her a package of diapers, and together, we rolled over 1,500 diapers! It was so much fun, and the laughter from that room could be heard all the way down the street!




After all the diapers had been rolled, we joined hands in a circle and prayed over those little seeds. We prayed for the mothers of those babies, for the fathers, for their health and relationships with Christ, for the doctors, for the churches that might be able to wrap their arms around them… and all the little details in between.

It was a wonderful night, and we all left that sweet place refreshed and inspired. If you’re interested in hosting a diaper rolling party, email Corey or Amanda ( or send them a message on Facebook! They are so excited to answer this call God has placed on their lives, and with your help, more and more women can have a part in saving these precious, innocent little lives and reaching these mothers for Christ!

On Facebook, Corey and Amanda give a little bit of information about the Joy Womb Project:

Our hearts desire is to see mothers wrecked with the Gospel of Jesus in our cities, to restore joy back to the womb of our Creator and for them to choose LIFE for their unborn baby.

We pray that our diaper cakes will be such a beautiful blessing and such a sweet reminder to the mothers of the kindness, goodness, grace, mercy and love of our God as they unwrap their diaper cake and begin to use each diaper the first days, weeks and months at home on their new baby! 

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