E.D.I.A. Maps

I met a sweet couple today who have their own map making business.  As much as I love maps and anything travel related, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. They travel all over the place, trying out new restaurants and taking pictures (like seriously… DREAM JOB) and then make these super cool, hipster maps with watercolor and illustrations done by a Charlotte-based artist.

It’s really inspiring to see a young couple, not much older than Grayson and I, creating a life that’s filled with all their favorite things. They found out what they like to do and just use their talents to accomplish a lifestyle that makes living their dream possible. He has a photography background and she has a creative writing background, and together? They’re pretty much a dream team.

Also, in case you were wondering, the name of their company, E.D.I.A. stands for Every Day Is an Adventure. How perfect is that? I love it.

I am so inspired by meeting people like this and hope their story inspires you too!

You can visit their website here and their instagram (which is a fun compilation of local and not-so-local restaurants, travel photos, and artsy maps) here.

…. and you can see my personal favorites here and here!



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