Favorite TV Shows

If you know me, you know I’m no huge fan of TV. Growing up, we didn’t have cable and I spent my time climbing the big tree in our front yard, playing Barbies, and helping my Mama bake cookies. Now that I have my own home, we also have chosen to opt out of cable television and much prefer playing outside, cooking together, and watching movies.

But with all that being said, there are three TV shows (that we watch via Netflix or Firestick) that Grayson and I enjoy watching together.


Parenthood is about the four Braverman children who are now grown and have children of their own. It shows their family go through everything you can think of and the love, forgiveness, and overcoming hardships that holds everything together. By the end of the sixth season, you’ll feel like you’re part of the Braverman family.

This is the best of the best. All six seasons are amazing. I was so sad for the show to end, I could hardly stand it. Grayson and I watched this on Netflix and stayed up many nights until 2 and 3am just because we couldn’t stop watching! So good!


This Is Us:

This Is Us is the story of the Pearson family, which is made complete by adoption. The show is emotional, funny, and is so easy to connect to – on so many different levels. The show is currently only in it’s second season, but has truly taken the nation by storm and has quickly become a favorite in our home. Mandy Moore plays the role of the mother so well, and every actor/actress is very well chosen for the part they play. I’ve never seen a show utilize the art of flashbacks so well, and it adds so much depth to the story. I cry every week!



Riverdale is a mysterious spin off of the Archie Comics, which were most popular in the 1940s-50s. The show is a murder mystery, a love triangle, and real cliff-hanger… and if you’re a chicken like me, you’ll jump more than once each and every episode. The show is set in modern times, but there are many aspects of the small town life that parallel the comics that inspired the drama. This show is also only in it’s second season, but has a strong cast and is easy to get addicted to.


So, if you’re looking for a new TV series to binge watch over the holidays, these are my suggestions. I tried to describe them as best as I could without giving anything away! What are your favorites? Share them in the comments!

Hope ya’ll have a great week!

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