An Honest Review: My experience with WalMart Grocery Pick-up

Friends have been telling me to try the WalMart grocery pick-up service for years and although I’ve meant to give it a shot, I never got around to it until this week. I don’t know what took me so long, but let me just tell ya… I’m never looking back. I am happy to report that with being well into my second trimester and having an 18 month old who is only content in a grocery cart for so long, this service is a GAME CHANGER!

My friend, Lindsey said that it would change my life and I know that sounds dramatic, but until you do it and see for yourself, you really couldn’t understand. It’s amazing and SO EASY!

If you don’t already have an account with, setting that up is the first step. I have had an account with them for a long time because I take advantage of the “Savings Catcher” feature. If you don’t know what “Savings Catcher” is, it’s a price match program through where you simply scan the bottom of your receipt and they price match the items you purchased with all of their competitors and give you the difference back on a WalMart gift card. I let mine add up until I have about $50 before redeeming it, and it is so nice! It’s like couponing without having to do any work!

So after you’ve made your account on, you just log in and select the “Free Grocery Pickup” option. After choosing your store and time slot (you choose a one hour window in which you can pick up your items), you begin adding items to your cart and then finalize your order. It’s so easy.

I had chosen the window of 1-2pm to pick up my groceries and didn’t really know what to expect when I pulled into the parking lot. I honestly didn’t even know where to go, but I was pleasantly surprised with how quick and painless the whole thing was. I just followed the bright orange sign that said “Pick Up” to the designated parking spots on the side of the store. The number to call upon arrival was posted on the sign and I just told them I was there to pick up my groceries. Within 30 seconds, an employee was at my car window and all I had to do was sign off on their ipad for my items. They loaded all of my bags into my backseat for me and I was amazed at the quality and speed of service.

It was so nice not to have to get Landon out of his carseat, find a buggy, walk all over the store while simultaneously entertaining him and trying to mark items off a list, checkout and then load all my groceries into the car and get him back into his carseat. All of that was eliminated with a few clicks and a phone call. Amazing. Welcome to 2017, Katie. 

I know I’m a little late in the game hopping on the grocery pick up wagon, but I just had to share an honest review of my experience with ya’ll because I am so happy to have found such an easy way to shop. I know I will only grow to appreciate this more as my due date approaches, and even more so once we add a newborn into the mix! I think this way of shopping helps you spend less money because you only buy what you need, as opposed to getting distracted or making impulse purchases in-store, and it also forces you to plan ahead and do a little more meal-prep, which is a win-win in my book.

Side note: You can search for a $10 off your first pick up code online! I used “WOWFRESH” and got $10 off ($50 or more).

Now… if only Aldi would join the free grocery pick up club!

Have ya’ll tried grocery pick up before? I’d love to hear about your favorite services that make #momlife easier!


One thought on “An Honest Review: My experience with WalMart Grocery Pick-up

  1. Teresa says:

    That’s awesome Katie there’s not one close to me yet but when it comes I definitely will do it!! Also if you order like Sams colas and they don’t have them they will give you coke instead that’s great our drivers call it the great online give away when it 1st started in Denver NC!! Is yours at the Belmont store!! Love you and hope to see you soon!!


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