Teaching the Concept of Time to a Toddler

Landon loves Daniel Tiger and if you aren’t familiar with the show, his dad works at a clock factory and they both wear watches and there are several episodes where Daniel Tiger goes to the clock factory with his dad and they talk about the way clocks work. Landon has mentioned wanting a watch like Daniel Tiger a few times, so I’ve been on the lookout for a watch for my big, almost three year old. When I came across Preschool Collection, it was an entirely new concept for me. I hadn’t considered the fact that by introducing Landon to the concept of time first, it would make it so much easier for him to actually learn to tell time later on.


If you wonder what I mean when I say the concept of time, you might notice that there are actually no numbers on the watch or clock faces. Instead, there are colors and friendly animal faces. The colors = hours and the animals = minutes. We have both the watch and the clock. The watch band is silicone so it’s very durable and easy to clean (which I love) and Landon loves that the animals glow in the dark! The clock, which hangs in our kitchen, where we spend a lot of our time, is a great way to make a further connection when using alongside the watch. As we’re eating breakfast, I can say, “when the little hand gets to the monkey, we are going to go to the YMCA” and he’ll look up at the clock on the wall and then check his watch. It’s been so sweet to see him make the connection and put it all together.


So many kids these days can’t tell time on a traditional clock because with digital devices everywhere they look, it just hasn’t been a skill they’ve needed to master. But, things like telling time, writing in cursive, and doing things the old fashioned way are very important to me.


Lauren, the founder of Preschool Collection, is a mama of two and this is her story:

She was constantly trying to explain to her kids when they could expect things, and it was always a battle to do simple things, like leaving the park, taking a bath, or taking turns. So, one day, she had the idea to replace the numbers on a clock face with animals and colors, and much to her excitement, this method worked like a charm with her 2.5 year old. It made telling time – something that was once a chore, and turned it into something fun for her little ones. She started with the animals (minutes) and when her son was comfortable with that, she introduced colors (hours). And that is how the Preschool Collection was born!

The clock also comes with a little cardboard clock to play with, where they can move the hands and get up close and personal with the way it all works. Landon is a very hands-on learner, like most toddlers, so that has been really helpful for him. Lauren thought of everything when she designed this, even including activity stickers that you can use to personalize it to fit your routine.

I have loved watching Landon take pride in his new watch and seeing him begin to grasp the concept of time. He is so excited to keep track of when things are going to happen throughout the day and it’s given him even more of a sense of independence. I will tell him, “when the big hand gets to the bunny, we are going to eat lunch” or “when the little hand gets to the mouse, it’s time for bed.” I am so thankful for the Preschool Collection tools that are helping me explain the concept of time in a way that is understandable and on his level! It truly is genius! Follow along on instagram here!



Thank you so much to Lauren from Preschool Collection for providing the products featured in this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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