Motherhood: the honor of a lifetime 😭🙌🏻

I hope when they’re all grown up and have babies of their own, they’ll remember slow mornings at home. I hope they’ll think of the light pouring in the windows and their Mama sipping coffee in an old bath robe. I hope they’ll smile over having all the time in the world to play with their favorite toys and watch their favorite cartoons. I hope they’ll look back on their childhood with a smile and know I treasured every minute of being home with them. I hope there are certain smells they’ll recall as reminders of home and always remember my lap as a sure, soft place to land. I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed lately by just how fleeting my time with them is, and although some days do feel long, what they say is true- the years are so short

Motherhood: the honor of a lifetime 😭🙌🏻