Sink Baths & Homemade Happiness

If you know me at all, you know I’m an old soul. I love tradition, I’m fascinated by old things made new or repurposed, and I’ve always valued the “old fashioned” way of doing things. The simple way of life has always beckoned to me, breathed life into my spirit, and to be honest… seemed kind of out-of-reach.

We live in a world where everything is (practically) instant. I’m not complaining, really, because without all the great things technology has brought us, I wouldn’t be able to sit here, sipping my coffee, writing this while my little one sleeps. Without it, I wouldn’t have these photos that my friend has captured so beautifully.

Nonetheless, there’s something to be cherished about a slower way of life. Sitting on the front porch drinking sweet tea, letting your little one splash and play in a good ol’ sink bath for as long as they want, making homemade bread from scratch, eating supper outside on warm evenings, taking the time to sit down and write a note to a friend, a snuggly baby napping under a handmade quilt…  these are all some of my absolute favorite things. They’re all things I want our children to grow up appreciating.

I am in a season of life, right now especially, where I have to make a conscious choice to pursue the way of life I’ve expressed loving so dearly. It’s so easy to feel the need to plan every weekend, have my phone in my hand 24/7, and miss the little opportunities to savor homemade happiness. So, if you’re like me, and you crave the simplicity that comes from slower living, make the conscious effort to cultivate a lifestyle that makes it a priority.

Take more pictures. Let them make messes. Fill your home with the smell of goodies baking in the oven. Leave your calendar blank for the weekend. Sit on the porch. Drop by and see an old friend. We’ll all be glad we did…


Photos by my dear friend Meredith Fields, whose talent, sweet spirit, and love for the Lord inspires me daily.

Letters to Landon: 9 Months

My little Landon,

I can’t believe you are 9 months old. I have been looking at the last few pictures of my pregnancy today and I am still in awe of the miracle of your life, and so humbled that Jesus allowed me to carry you and have the honor of bringing you into this world. It was worth every single second of pain and every single minute of waiting.


I remember thinking that first time I looked into your eyes, that my heart could never hold more love than it held at that moment. I couldn’t believe you were mine. I couldn’t believe it was over (whew!), and I couldn’t believe that your Daddy and I were about to take you home with us, with no training or anything (haha!).

Every month on the 24th, I reflect on the last month of your life and the milestones you’ve reached, each new “first” you’ve experienced, and how you’ve grown. This month, however, just seems a little extra special. It’s just amazing to me that you’ve now been outside of my belly for the same amount of time that you were inside my belly (actually, a little longer, since we didn’t make it quite to 40 weeks)! I know, it’s a little silly, but you’ll see, I’m sentimental about little things like this that other people don’t pay the slightest bit of attention to. With time, I hope you’ll learn to love that about me just like I love it about my own Momma.

The last 9 months with you have been the greatest 9 months of my life. I look at you some days and wonder what I did before you got here. That’s a little ridiculous, because your Daddy and I had a great life together, just the two of us. We were always up for anything, we went on spontaneous weekend trips, and sometimes we went out for tacos at 9:30 on Tuesday nights. But, you… you completed us. You have added SO MUCH JOY to our life, darling. We prayed for you, we dreamed of the family Jesus would give us. And He gave us you.

You have a sparkle in your eyes that I pray never dulls. You have the sweetest spirit that captivates everyone you come in contact with. You smile all the time, have the most adorable giggle, and love music and going to church and being outside. I can’t wait to hear your sweet little voice call me “Mama,” but until then, I’ll just keep melting over how you look at me, how you pat my face in the mornings, and how you rest your sleepy head on my shoulder.

Some of your favorite things right now are riding in your wagon (a hand-me-down from your big cousins that’s quickly become a favorite), going to the park and swinging until your sweet little eyelids get heavy (you fall asleep in the swing every time), and playing in the sink when I give you your bath. Watching you grow is just fascinating to me. You are so much like your Daddy already, I can only imagine the ways you’ll become more like him as you get bigger. Your sparkly blonde hair and big blue eyes make you the spitting image of him. You might not fully realize yet how wonderful your Daddy is, but you’ll see with time. He works so hard so that I can stay at home with you, he prays for you every day, and he takes delight in seeing you grow and learn new things. He is going to be your best friend and will shepherd you towards Jesus in a way that a Daddy should.

I want you to grow up in a home full of laughter. A home where you know it’s okay to make mistakes and messes. A home where you know you belong. A home where you see how much your Momma and Daddy love each other and are a better husband one day because of it. I pray that you come to have a personal relationship with Jesus early in your precious life, that you learn to trust Him, that your deepest desire is to be like Him…


I’ll love you forever, and always more than the day before.