Iron Sharpens Iron

Wow! What a fun-filled weekend! On Friday afternoon, I headed up to Raleigh, N.C. for a friend’s bachelorette party and got to see two more friends on the way home the next day. I was so glad I was able to squeeze in time with all three friends!

Driving home, I had a lot of time to think and pray and one thing that just kept coming to mind was what a gift friendships like these are. When I went to college, I remember praying over and over again that God would surround me with Godly, faithful girlfriends, and that’s exactly what He’s done over the last six years.


These sweet friends and I are all in totally different seasons of life: Valerie (left) is getting ready to get married, so she’s enjoying the busy, exciting season of preparing to become a bride. Kayla (middle) and her husband just had their first baby, so she’s enjoying the sweet season of motherhood and newness that comes with bringing a precious life into the world. And, Amanda (right) has been married for several years, and is currently living in Wake Forest, N.C. while her husband finishes seminary, so she is embracing the adventure God has set before them as a couple and learning to bloom where she’s been planted.

I love being able to share the milestones of life, rejoice together in the joyful times, and encourage each other through the hard times. It’s such a gift from God! Learning from one another, sharing wisdom and experiences with one another, praying for one another… .it’s priceless.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one (wo)man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

Weekend Fun

This past weekend, Gray and I made our way to Carrboro, N.C. (nestled between Raleigh and Greensboro)  where some of our dearest friends live. Kayla and I met our freshman year of college and our friendship has only become stronger as the years have passed. We have been through so many phases of life together just in the last five years- from living together, encouraging each other through breakups and makeups to sharing in the joy as each other got engaged, helping each other plan our weddings, standing beside each other on our wedding days, stumbling through newlywed life and the home-buying process together, and now welcoming her little one into the world! Little Berkley Stalker will be here in just a matter of days and he’s already so loved.

You can’t put a price on a friendship like this, and I thank God for it every day. 11800499_10207221285396100_2843991354142917279_n11800054_10207221283476052_2416351216681779538_n