The Sweetest Gift

Can we just talk about how dreamy this guy is? I don’t know how in this world the Lord saw fit to bless me with this gem of a man, but I sure am glad He did. My constant source of laughter, my warm embrace after the hardest of days, my voice of reason, my adventure partner for life… this man is the sweetest gift in my life.


Outfit details (for all of you who have asked):

I did my hair with a double barrel curling iron that I picked up at Walmart for like $15. I love using it anytime I’m in the mood to change things up a bit.

My dress is from Caralase Boutique via (only $17.99).

My cowgirl boots are from Watsonatta Western World (Boone, N.C.) and they’re perfectly broken in and so comfortable. They were a birthday gift from Gray about 3 years ago and I’ve worn them so much over the years.

The tortoise watch I’m wearing is Michael Kors and the pretty little handmade bracelets are Renmen Abonde (of course!).

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