Cling to What is Good

Last week was a long, hard week. It was full of every emotion- from joy to heartache- and by the time the weekend (finally) rolled around, I was so consumed with the bad parts of the week that I could barely even focus on all the good. It’s funny how the Lord works. He seems to always put someone in my path to bring me just the right word of encouragement or He brings Scripture to my mind right when I need it most, and today it was Romans 12:9.

Cling to what is good.

What does that even mean? How do we even do that in such a crazy, sinful, lost world? I’ll tell you exactly how. It sounds cliche and that’s okay, because it’s the truth…the way to do this is to simply count your blessings, not your problems. It’s so easy to let people steal your joy, and if you aren’t careful listening to the world (instead of Jesus) can make your blessings seem like burdens, and that’s never of Jesus. He loves you, He cares about all the little intricate parts of your life, and He wants you to know that He’s in the details.

So, today, it’s my prayer that you would take this challenge with me: Cling to what is good. Don’t let discouragement or frustrations bring you down. Focus on all the blessings God has given you and trust His perfect will and timing.

Happy Monday!

Please note: the watercolor calligraphy scripture above is not my original work, I only found it on Pinterest.

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