Carry Us Through

This past Sunday night, my pastor’s son preached our evening sermon. He is also a pastor and although he’s only 29 years old, he is full of wisdom and God is using him in an incredible way. It was a real blessing to hear him share what the Lord had laid on his heart.

He spoke about our identity in Christ, how we find that, and how we can stop trying to find our identity in other things. For me, it’s such an easy thing to do without even realizing that I’m doing it… placing such value in things of this world (things that aren’t even “bad” things, just cherished things) so much that I find my worth in them rather than in my Father. He shared with us an illustration that resonated with me in a powerful way. He talked about driving through the mountains and coming to a small, rickety bridge with a weight limit prohibiting large vehicles from crossing it. He talked about how that little bridge was not made to carry the weight of large loads, and if say, an 18 wheeler tried to pass, the bridge would collapse. His point was this: how often do we entrust the weight of our lives to things (or, if you’re like me- people) that were not meant to carry us through?

The most precious, Godly husband. The most understanding, supportive parents. The most faithful, well-meaning friend. None of them can carry you through this life. Only Jesus can. He is the only thing that we should expect to carry us, support us, and sustain us. And the best part? All we have to do is ask. His love is a free gift that He gives freely and He longs for us to reach out and trust Him to bring us through the inevitable valleys of life.

Now, don’t get me wrong, a good support system is one of life’s biggest blessings. I wouldn’t trade my husband, Momma, or friends and sisters in Christ for anything in this world, but it’s Jesus who I have to trust to be my rock and my fortress.

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