Friday (Finally!)

This week started with sleeping late and a breakfast date with my best friend. Not a bad way to start a week, huh? He’s such a hunk.


Palm Sunday is always a special time at my chuch. Our children dress up and reenact following Jesus through the sanctuary with palm branches and we sing songs that prepare our hearts for all that this Holy week means. It’s a time to focus on His death that served as the atonement for our sins, His resurrection that promises He is preparing a place for us to spend eternity with Him, and His gift of sacrifice. The Easter season is the sweetest of all!


As I continue to work through The Armor Of God study by Priscilla Shirer, I am blown away by all that the Lord is teaching me about being on guard against the evil one. I feel like I’ve been completely clueless about the strategic tactics he uses to try and destroy me for so long, and being aware and fully focused on the Father while continually prayerfully seeking intimacy with Him is the most powerful weapon we can use against his plans to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10). If you have the opportunity to do this study, DO IT! It is so good. Quiet time in my favorite coffee shop working through these pages have been a true highlight of this week.

My little cousin, Payton, surprised me at work this week with the most beautiful yellow tulips and they have been one of the biggest highlights of my week. They’re so vibrant and fresh, and they’ve opened up so splendidly. I love how tulips welcome Spring!

Landon’s closet is already a little out of control (and we haven’t even had any showers yet)! I am so in love with every little thing people have given us, and these overalls just about made my heart explode. He’s going to look just like my Paw in them and I can’t wait. Cuteness overload!


It will be interesting to see how my Sam adjusts when the baby arrives. I don’t know if he’ll be jealous and pouty or if he’ll take right up with him, but I think eventually they’ll become best friends. The thought of bringing our little boy into the world with a cuddly golden at home waiting for him makes my heart so happy.

One thing I’ve certainly done this week is eat good food. Tacos, Pelicans, Duck Donuts… my belly has been happy all week (and so has Landon!).

Grayson used to think I was crazy for getting sweetened condensed milk on my Pelicans Snowball… until he tried it for himself. Now, he won’t get his any other way. It makes it take like snowcream. On the beach. And it’s to-die-for. Just try it! My favorite flavor is Bahama Mama, but there’s like a billion to choose from.

If you’ve never tried Duck Donuts… you need to go get in your car and drive straight there. They’re hands down the BEST donuts I’ve ever had… and yes, in case you were wondering, this almost 7 months pregnant Momma tasted that maple bacon one and it was heavenly!


On Tuesday, I celebrated my 18th Spiritual Birthday. I still remember the day I asked Jesus to come into my heart like it was yesterday. I was sitting at Krispy Kreme with my Momma and we had “the talk,” prayed the prayer, and just like that, my life was changed forever. She makes the anniversary of this decision a special day every year and this year, she surprised me with 18 pink roses, a beautiful strawberry cake (my favorite) with the same special Precious Moments cake topper she uses every year, and a delicious meal. I am so thankful for the way she loves me so well and that she prayed for me to accept Jesus early in life, just as she’s praying with me now for Landon to do the same!


At this point in the 3rd trimester, my doctor’s appointments have increased to every other week instead of once a month, and before long they’ll be every week. I’m so excited to meet our little boy I can hardly stand it, but I’m trying to soak in every little bit of this sweet season before it’s gone. With swollen feet, crazy dreams, a thousand bathroom trips a night, and a very limited wardrobe, it’s easy to kindof “wish these next few months away,” but I really want to try my best to enjoy and make the most of them, because although Grayson and I would love to have a big family if that’s the Lord’s will for us, you’re only pregnant for the first time one time. We got to see our little man at my appointment this week and every time I see him (or feel him, or hear his little heart beat) I fall more in love. Just look at this sweet little profile!


Anyway, I hope you all have had a great week and that you have a wonderful Easter. I am so excited about our sunrise service at church I can hardly stand it!

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