Baby Shower #2: Tea Party Theme

One day in March, two of my dear friends at work surprised me by telling me that they were going to be hosting a baby shower in my honor by having the invitation and light pink tulips delivered to me on a silver platter! If only you could have been there to hear the squeals… I had a smile that wouldn’t leave my face for the rest of the day! Anyone who knows me knows that this has my name all over it. A tea party? I mean, does it get any cuter? Ahhhh….


I became an intern at AAA Carolinas the summer after I graduated high school, and returned every summer throughout college. I was hired full-time as a Travel Sales Specialist upon graduation, and have been so blessed to work with wonderful people throughout my years at this great company.

AAA is special to me because it’s really and truly a “family affair.” My Momma worked at AAA for 16 years before I was born, and some of the same sweet people that attended her baby shower just a few weeks before I was born were also there for mine, 24 years later. How’s that for things coming full circle? Here’s a few pictures from her shower in 1992-


There were so many pretty little details about this shower, from the huge chocolate dipped strawberries to the mason jar labels to the delicious little open faced tea sandwiches…. it was all just absolutely wonderful. So much time and energy went into making it perfect.



This beautiful shower was made possible by my friends, Zhanna and Angelica-


and I was so honored to have my Momma by my side for this sweet occasion-


Blue maxi dress from Pink Blush!

Thank you so much to my AAA family for making it such a sweet, special day for me! I am blown away by your kindness and generosity!

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