I remember riding up to the mountains with my Momma as a little girl with the windows open and the radio playing. At a certain point, as we rounded the curves up the mountain, the radio signal would fail and static took over. I hated it. I used to always scan through the channels searching for a station that would come through or pop in a cassette tape (showing my age? haha).

Two decades later, I experience static in a totally different way, and I still hate it just as much.

What is it about the busyness of life that seems to take over and drown out what we want (or need) to hear? If we aren’t careful, petty arguments, frustrations of time management, hard days at work, misunderstandings, broken promises, disappointments, and unmet expectations can fill our minds with the worst kind of static… and before we know it, we are unable to focus on our blessings or our Savior.

Sometimes it takes all the energy and effort I can muster to refocus my heart and mind on what’s important. Crying out to my Father, begging Him to take away the clutter and refocus my heart on Him and what’s truly important is something I’ve found myself doing over and over this year.

Colossians 3:2 says to “fix your mind on things of Heaven, not on things of this world.” That proves that this problem of fighting through the static to make a conscious effort to focus on what is good is an age old struggle that we are not alone in. When I’m distracted by the little things that fight for my time and attention, I try and ask myself, will this even matter five years from now? When my emotions get all “out of whack,” I try and seek His face in the quiet and remember His promises.

I know I’m not the only one who struggles with this, and I want to encourage you, my friends… when you ask the Father to refocus your mind, He will. Time after time. He clears the static, he removes the clutter, and He wipes the slate clean.


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