Baby Shower #3: Seersucker Theme

About a year and a half ago, our church family surrounded us with love and support as we prepared to become husband and wife, and on April 24th, they did it all over again as we prepare to bring a sweet little baby boy into the world. There really aren’t enough “thank you’s,” not enough hugs, not enough happy tears or words to ever even begin to describe the gratitude Grayson and I feel for our Calvary family. Our little Landon is already so loved and we are so thankful to each and every person who made our shower so special.

Every little detail was planned perfectly, there were so many sweet ladies filling the room that my heart felt like it could just explode, and we got more gifts than one car could hold. It was overwhelming and beautiful and truly felt like a hug from Jesus. The presence of the Holy Spirit in that place was undeniable, all because my Father used our church family to love on us.


Just look at this room full of precious ladies!


My dear friend, Iris, made this sailboat quilt and it’s already so precious to me. I know it will only become more precious over the years. She’s so talented and puts her heart and soul into ever stitch!

My precious friend, Leslie, so graciously gave me the gift of helping capture this sweet, memorable day by using her talent behind the camera. I didn’t even ask her to do it, and she was just there, snapping away! I will cherish these pictures forever! The following images are hers // Threshing Floor Photography



My friend Katy has a business called The Turquoise Apron and she made this darling bow tie cake and cupcakes!


My friend Holly has a monogram business called Cami Kate Monograms and she did this blanket, as well as the basket for cards and so many other special touches for the shower.

There was so much delicious food at the shower, in typical Baptist lady style! The ladies of Calvary know how to cook, that’s for sure. Thank you so much to Iris for making the chicken salad sandwiches, Lynn for making the beautiful punch and egg salad, Melissa and Cheryl for bringing the pineapple and cream cheese, Carol and Lee for doing the pretty flowers and biscuits and fixins, Theresa for making the pasta salad, Joy for bringing the fruit and nuts, Tonya and Kelley for bringing the veggies and little smokies, Katy for making the cake and cupcakes, and Vikki for making the bunting decorations and blanket out of the monogrammed table covering.


My friend Corey has a business called Natty Swank Diaper Cakes and she made this beautiful diaper cake, which also served as a beautiful centerpiece.


This is Corey, the talented beauty behind Natty Swank Cakes and The Joy Womb Project. Her heart is pure gold.


Corey also made my corsage! Isn’t it the cutest?!

The ladies of my church are more than just my friends, they’re family. Many of them have been an instrumental part of my life since before I was even born, and they have stood by and supported me through so many different seasons of life. Leslie captured their beauty so sweetly!



This beauty spent the entire three hours writing down gifts for me, which I know from experience is a very hard job. Love her!


And a huge thanks to my dear friend Lee, who helped plan, organize, and delegate everything so gracefully. She is so good at recognizing people’s talents and giving them the opportunity to use those talents. She’s the ultimate hostess and party planner and I hope I’m just like her one day.


So much love and talent went into making this day one I’ll never forget and I am so very thankful for each and every woman who played a role in making it special. My cup runneth over.

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