On This Day: Our Home

I love the “on this day” feature on Facebook. It’s so fun to be reminded of memories from years past. I look at it just about every day and I’ve seen how God has answered prayers quite a few times. Over the last few weeks, my memories have reminded me of our biggest purchase: our home. Two years ago, Grayson and I bought the house that we have worked so hard to turn into a home. It’s not the biggest (by any means), or the fanciest, or the most beautiful… but it is full of love. It’s in these four walls that we’ve laughed until we’ve cried, had our fair share of fights, made up with kisses in the kitchen, shared good food around the table, brought our son home, and learned to (and are continuing to learn how to) love each other like Jesus does.

Today, I decided to share a few recent photos of this little home of ours. My grandma always said that the home she and my grandpa lived in right after they got married was her very favorite. I remember the look in her eyes when she talked about their little red and white checked kitchen and the white curtains and the pretty view of the pond. I know that no matter where Grayson and I move to in the future, I’ll have the same kind of fond memories of this sweet place where God has allowed us to start our family. Thank You, Jesus!



The window above Landon’s crib was salvaged from my great grandmother’s house in the mountains before it had to be torn down due to a flood



Thank you to my sister-in-law for the beautiful victorian mirror and to my very talented father-in-law for the upholstered headboard


One thought on “On This Day: Our Home

  1. darlingdearestblog says:

    You know I love this post- I love your house! Such beautiful decorating.You should feature certain rooms in posts with links to the items- I know it would give me inspiration:)!


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