Sink Baths & Homemade Happiness

If you know me at all, you know I’m an old soul. I love tradition, I’m fascinated by old things made new or repurposed, and I’ve always valued the “old fashioned” way of doing things. The simple way of life has always beckoned to me, breathed life into my spirit, and to be honest… seemed kind of out-of-reach.

We live in a world where everything is (practically) instant. I’m not complaining, really, because without all the great things technology has brought us, I wouldn’t be able to sit here, sipping my coffee, writing this while my little one sleeps. Without it, I wouldn’t have these photos that my friend has captured so beautifully.

Nonetheless, there’s something to be cherished about a slower way of life. Sitting on the front porch drinking sweet tea, letting your little one splash and play in a good ol’ sink bath for as long as they want, making homemade bread from scratch, eating supper outside on warm evenings, taking the time to sit down and write a note to a friend, a snuggly baby napping under a handmade quilt…  these are all some of my absolute favorite things. They’re all things I want our children to grow up appreciating.

I am in a season of life, right now especially, where I have to make a conscious choice to pursue the way of life I’ve expressed loving so dearly. It’s so easy to feel the need to plan every weekend, have my phone in my hand 24/7, and miss the little opportunities to savor homemade happiness. So, if you’re like me, and you crave the simplicity that comes from slower living, make the conscious effort to cultivate a lifestyle that makes it a priority.

Take more pictures. Let them make messes. Fill your home with the smell of goodies baking in the oven. Leave your calendar blank for the weekend. Sit on the porch. Drop by and see an old friend. We’ll all be glad we did…


Photos by my dear friend Meredith Fields, whose talent, sweet spirit, and love for the Lord inspires me daily.

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