Grandfather Mountain

Last week, Gray and I spent some much needed time away in the mountains. He was off work for Spring Break and there’s really no place to rest as well as my grandparent’s home in Banner Elk, NC. It’s so beautiful and peaceful, and just about 20 minutes from the little college town where Gray and I met.

I grew up going to Grandfather Mountain often, but hadn’t been since college, and neither had Gray. It’s funny, because the last time I went, I never imagined the next time I’d be walking across the swinging bridge would be with my own little boy! I’ve been in a constant state of awe about how Jesus works… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… He’s so faithful!

Just wanted to share a few pictures from Landon’s first trip to Grandfather. He was so sweet and so much fun the whole time. He smiled from ear to ear the whole time we were on the swinging bridge and loved looking at the animals, especially the otters! It was such a special memory… the only thing that could have made it better is if my Baba and Paw could have been there to share in his joy with us!


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