A “little years” Reminder


You’d never know that right after these pictures were taken, this sweet boy was throwing up all over his carseat and the saint behind the camera who also just happens to be my dear friend was helping me strip him down, clean him up, and get rid of all the nastiness. Yep, sometimes #momlife is just plain ol’ glamorous.

It’s at the end of hard days like that, in the stillness and in the dark, when his little head rests on my shoulder as I’m rocking him to sleep that I think to myself how thankful I am to be the one cleaning up the messes, kissing the boo boos, and wiping away the tears.

If you’re a Mama, you’ve probably heard these words before, but I just want to share them today, because it’s the sweetest reminder in these “little years.”

Hold him a little longer,

Rock him a little more.

Tell him another story,

You’ve only told him four.

Let him sleep on your shoulder,

rejoice in his happy smile.

He is only a little boy

for such a little while.

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