Snow Day // January 2018

We were thrilled to get a “big” January snow here in North Carolina this week! I’ll be honest, when the talk about a chance of snow started, I really didn’t think we’d actually get any – not any that stuck, anyway. But, to my surprise, we got about four inches and it was one of the prettiest, fluffiest snowfalls I’ve ever seen!

We woke up Wednesday morning to snow falling and it was still coming down when it got dark around 5-6 that night! I made a big breakfast, we snuggled up and watched movies, made snow cream, and went out to play. A few weeks ago when it snowed in Hickory (where my in-laws live) we let Landon play in it and he was not a fan. He wouldn’t really move and finally just sat down and started crying, so we figured he was just too little and maybe next year he’d like it better. But this time, he loved it and even cried when we decided it was time to go back inside! He had the best time and I wish I could bottle up the wonder and pure joy on his face and just save it forever! Children have such an untainted, honest wonder about them that is so contagious.

Landon and I were so happy to have Gray home for two whole days in the middle of the week! It’s so fun to watch the two of them play together and I know that in the years to come we have sledding and snowman building and all sorts of things to look forward to! I love seeing everyone’s snow day pictures, so I just wanted to share a few of ours!

Happy Friday, friends!


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