At-home stain remover (that works!)


My only regret is that I didn’t take a before picture. Ya’ll, my (almost) two year old destroyed this shirt. There was chocolate. ALL. OVER. IT. and I let it dry and set in overnight…

We went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant with my family for my cousin’s birthday and with the sombrero-wearing-birthday-chanting festivities came a plate full of sopapillas drizzled with honey and chocolate for our whole table to share. Yummy for sure, but you can just guess the rest.

This particular shirt is a little different than most of his button up collared shirts in the sense that it is textured, not smooth. It’s a favorite because it’s monogrammed and was a gift from my sweet friend, Lee. When I realized this morning that I had totally forgotten to treat the stain last night, I just knew that I’d never get the stains out.

Then, I remembered my Mama telling me about a solution of blue dawn dish soap, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. I gave it a shot and it was like straight up MAGIC!

I’m pretty sure when my sweet Mama does it, she measures out each ingredient and makes a paste in a little dish and then applies it to the stain, lets it sit for a certain amount of time, and then washes it. But I, being my typical 25 year old self, just squirted some dawn, sprinkled some baking soda, literally poured hydrogen peroxide on it, and then frantically scrubbed it with what I’m pretty sure is a potato scrubber. Spoiler alert: it still worked.

I am so excited to have seen first hand how well this magic solution of everyday household items works, so I just had to share with ya’ll!

Also, I have to admit, being this excited about a stain remover makes me feel really old (haha!). Happy Monday and have a great week!



One thought on “At-home stain remover (that works!)

  1. mrsmotherdirt says:

    Haha, I would have poured it on the shirt too! And Dawn is great for getting grease/oil stains out of clothes and carpets. I also stripped our cloth diapers with Dawn. Glad the stain came out!


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