Letters to Landon: A Brand New Role

My little Landon,

In about five weeks, you’ll take on a brand new role. You don’t know what it means yet, even though in the mornings while I drink my coffee and you sip on your apple juice, you curl up next to me on the couch and wrap your little arms around me and pat my belly saying, “awww baby.”


You became my entire world the minute I looked into your deep, blue eyes. I see in you the very best parts of life, the promises of our Savior, and the humbleness of my grandfather. It’s hard for me to admit, but from the very moment I found out we are expecting our second baby, my joy (and shock) has been mingled with worry. How can I have another baby, when my baby is still a baby?


These last two years, I’ve soaked up every single second of your little life. I’ve watched you learn and grow and develop your personality and it’s been the blessing of a lifetime. I never thought I could love anything or anyone the way I love you. Jesus totally redefined the way I understand love through you, sweet boy. My boy.


I’ve had such mixed emotions about your sister joining our family. Of course, I’m overjoyed and can’t wait to meet her, just like I couldn’t wait to meet you, but I have wondered how you’ll handle it, I’ve thought about how you’ll feel having to share my attention, my time, and my lap… I’ve worried that you will feel pushed to the side, I’ve lost sleep wondering what I can do to help you understand that my love for the two of you will be completely and undoubtably equal.


My little bear, I want you to know that you aren’t taking a back seat. You aren’t being pushed to the side. You could never ever be forgotten or loved any less. You’re simply taking on a new role. Your new role as a big brother! You’re going to be great at it. You’ll learn to be a leader, you’ll learn to be protective, you’ll learn to share and wait your turn and be an even better little helper than you already are. I know my heart will just explode watching the two of you together. I bet she’ll have our blonde hair and blue eyes and I know she’ll adore you.


I want you to know that by giving you a sister, we’re giving you a gift. Jesus knew you needed her just like He knew we needed her. You’ll have someone to grow up with. Someone to make memories with. Someone to share traditions with. An oh, the adventures the two of you will have…


This new role you’re going to be filling will only make me love you even more. Being your Mama is the honor of a lifetime.


I’ll love you forever, and always more than the day before.



I knew this dress would be my Easter dress as soon as it came in the mail. It’s so easy to wear and I honestly think I’ll like it even more postpartum. I love that it’s double lined, so you don’t have to worry at all about it being see-through. It also comes in a pretty blush color!

This dress was provided to me by the PinkBlush Style Ambassador program, but as always, all opinions are my own. 

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