Weekend Recap

We had such a fun weekend! On Friday night, my Mama and Grayson’s Mom, Dad, and sister came down for his first football game of the season. They played the number one team in the state (Charlotte Catholic) and won! Grayson and I were at Waffle House celebrating at midnight – such a fun new after game tradition!


On Saturday, we went to Boone for Fan Fest and signed Landon up for the Junior Mountaineers Club. Harper slept through the entire thing, but Landon had the time of his life running around the football field, getting the players autographs, and jumping in a bouncy house for the first time. He walked right up to Coach Satterfield and said, “put me in, Coach” and it truly was the cutest thing ever!


I will never get over the concept of time. It was so crazy walking around my college campus with two babies. I hope they grow up loving App State like we always have. Showing them where our story began just completely wrecks my heart and makes me feel so, so thankful! Jesus writes the best stories.


We also got to spend some time with our friends, Emily and Brett, and their sweet baby girl who is only four days younger than Harper! We can hardly wait for football season to start so we can see them more often and we’re just so excited to get to raise our babies together. It’s just real sweet, getting to share this season with our friends!


Sunday was a slow, restful day and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. We slept late, went to a little local spot for breakfast, and when the babies went down for naps, I took a long bubble bath and then we just sat on the porch and read and drank coffee and listened to it rain. It was glorious, and the slowness and simplicity was a much welcomed change from the busyness we’ve been trudging through at home.


Hope ya’ll have a great week!

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