Homecoming Weekend 2018

This past weekend was a whirlwind. We were so exhausted by Monday morning, we needed another weekend just to catch up on our rest! On Friday night, Gray had a game in High Point, NC and since I totaled my car last week (ugh) and didn’t have a way to get there, he swung by and picked us up and we rode together instead of him riding with the team. My mother and father in law met us there, and it was a good thing, because Harper screamed the entire time, which is very, very unlike her. She is almost always happy and smiley and just generally good natured, but Friday night something must have been hurting her (I’m pretty sure she’s teething) because she was belligerent for two hours. My father in law sat and watched the game with Landon while my mother in law and I did everything possible to console Harper and ended up sitting in the car. I can only imagine if I had been there alone and had to wrestle Landon to the car with him screaming because he wanted to watch the game AND try and console a screaming four month old in front of jam-packed full bleachers. Lord have mercy… that makes me cringe just thinking about it.

After the game, we went to spend the night at my grandparents house in the mountains so that we wouldn’t have to get up as early the next morning to make the drive to Boone for Homecoming. We didn’t get there until after midnight, and because we all slept in the same room, Landon woke up at 6:45 the next morning when I got up to pump. He usually sleeps until about 9:00 every morning and takes a three hour nap at some point throughout the day, so I knew Saturday was going to be hard when he was up at 6:45am. We got ready and went to the alumni breakfast, which is always so much fun every year. It’s at the alumni center and they cater in breakfast from Daniel Boone Inn (yum!) and then I drove around for an hour hoping the kids would take a nap (but of course they didn’t) while Grayson was at a fraternity meeting (Grayson helped start a fraternity in college and is now on the board of trustees). It was my first time back behind the wheel since my wreck and I was a nervous wreck (no pun intended).

After that, we met up with our friends to tailgate and as always, it’s so good to see them. I so wish we lived closer to our friends. They just had a little girl four days after Harper, and it’s so much fun being in the same season of life and walking through parenthood with them. Not to mention, it’s the best tailgate ever!

There is something SO SPECIAL about bringing our babies back to the place where our story began. My four years at Appalachian State changed my life. They gave me my husband, which in turn, gave me my babies, and I just couldn’t be more thankful for the story that the Lord has and continues to write in our lives. We can only hope that they grow to love those mountains and sweet little town as much as we do.


It was Harper’s first game and I was a little nervous about how she would do with feedings and such, especially after the traumatic experience the night before. I nursed her before we left my grandparent’s house, right before we met up with our friends to tailgate, in the car at tailgate right before we went into the game, and then we left the game at halftime and I nursed her in the car before the drive home. Grayson wore her the entire time we were in the stadium in the forward facing carrier and she did great and Landon was surprisingly very well behaved even though he got up so much earlier than usual and didn’t have a nap all day!

We didn’t get home until late Saturday night, so getting ready for church on Sunday morning was extra stressful. It was Harper’s baby dedication, so I wanted us to all look our best, and we all four had to shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and I had to pack the diaper bag and keep Harper from spitting up or having a blowout all over her white dress. Whoever said “easy like a Sunday morning” definitely didn’t have to get two kids ready for church!

We made it there and although my nerves were just about shot, it was a really sweet service and our pastor did a great job making it personal and heartfelt. With the exception of Landon pitching a fit until we let him go sit on Grayson’s lap while he played the drums (and then he made Grayson drop a drum stick and he played the rest of the song with only one stick and somehow you couldn’t even tell) it went really smoothly and it is a sweet memory, just like Landon’s baby dedication was two years ago.


We went to lunch with our family after church and then came home and took a much needed nap. Monday always comes too soon, doesn’t it?

Hope ya’ll have a great week!

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