Today is a very special day! It’s my husband’s birthday! 29 years ago today, he was born and the world was instantly a better place!


I’m so thrilled to celebrate his life today and everyday. If you know him, you love him. He has the biggest heart, a strong faith that is evident in everything he does, and is the most devoted, passionate man I’ve ever met.

Even more so than New Years, birthdays are a time that I always look back and reflect on the last year. When I look at all that’s happened in our life in this last year, I am amazed at how much Grayson has grown and challenged himself. This past year was life-changing for us.

Grayson left a job he loved and was very comfortable at and stepped completely out of his comfort zone to begin a new career, which he has excelled at and found a true “home” at. The CCS community has already blessed us beyond measure and Grayson has pushed himself, learned more and more, built new relationships, and just finished his first ever undefeated football season!


I watched my heart triple in size this year, as Grayson became a Daddy for the second time – to a little girl who already has him wrapped around her finger. And I watched our little boy look up to his Daddy in a way that has healed a very deep hurt in my own heart.


I’ve seen him work late into the night finishing grad school assignments, rub my back when it ached throughout my pregnancy even after often working 12-13 hour days, joyfully be faithfully committed to our church, and still find a way to always put his family first. I’ve watched him give his all day after day, invest himself in other people, and make time for what’s truly important, and I’ve never been more proud to call him mine.


Grayson, loving you and building this life with you is the greatest honor of my life. You’re a gift I’ll spend forever thanking Jesus for. Happy birthday! Let’s make this last year in your twenties one for the books!

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