Heyward House

This year, I went to the Southern Christmas Show with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law and it was so much fun! Because we went on Veteran’s Day, a day that many people have off work, it was exceptionally crowded and pretty difficult to navigate with two strollers. I didn’t get to see every vendor (although I’m pretty sure that even if you went on days when it wasn’t as crowded, it could still take five full days to see each and every one). If you’ve never been, it is huge (and kind of overwhelming) but so festive and a wonderful showcase of unique, beautiful items that make great Christmas gifts.

In the hustle and bustle of bumper car stroller pushing that day, I saw something a few booths ahead that stopped me in my tracks.

Is that?

No… it can’t be?

Oh my goodness, it is.

Hot air balloon baby pajamas! Ahhhh!

And that, my friends, was my first exposure to Heyward House. I maneuvered my way over to their booth and was greeted by a sweet smile by Heyward, herself. I took a card and kept in touch and now, I’m thrilled to work with them and introduce all of you to these beautiful, timeless pieces that can be passed down and loved again and again.

Heyward House products are 100% pima cotton, a decision Heyward and her husband, Blair made after lots of research-  both with their own son’s items and in comparison to other products on the market. Pima cotton is a special type of cotton, mostly produced in Peru and made from extra long staple fibers. These extra long fibers make this particular kind of cotton extremely gentle and soft on your little one’s skin. Not only is this one of the softest products, pima cotton is known for its durability- it truly softens with each wash and has a longer lasting life than most infant wear and bedding.

The story behind the name Heyward House is the sweetest. From the owner herself:

“We chose the name Heyward House because my grandfather, James Heyward White, whom I’m named after, owned a business in the 1960’s called Heyward House, which manufactured high-end decorative lamps sold worldwide. Hence, we chose a lamp as our logo to honor his legacy. The lamp is also representative of Psalm 119:105- ‘Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path’. Without God’s guidance and never ending grace in our lives, we would never be where we are today.  The lamp is surrounded by Camellia flowers, which is our family favorite- as Blair’s father loved Camellia’s Blair’s entire life. Blair’s father passed 2 years ago and we wanted a to honor his influence on our lives. You may notice that we featured the Camellia on many of our little girl pajamas, making this a design that is very close to our hearts.”

The two-piece camellia pajamas are adorable and also come in a darling style with ruffles on the neckline and in gown form. I love that each pattern is available in various styles and there are matching bibs and burb cloths, too!

I could tell after meeting Heyward for the first time even just for those few minutes that day at the Christmas Show that she was a believer – something in her spirit just exuded a love for the Lord – and sure enough, after hearing her explanation of the lamp in their logo, I understood and appreciated this thoughtful detail so much more.

I love the way Blair and Heyward have worked together to make their dream a reality. Blair is a professional artist and graphic designer here in the Charlotte area who has designed cycling apparel for companies throughout the US but when they had their first son in 2017, they made the choice for him to stay at home with him and that’s when Heyward House was born. Heyward says that “Though professionally, Blair has mostly been a graphic designer, he is truly a studio artist at heart! I have always had a love of home design, textiles, fabrics. We decided to combine our interests and strengths to create timeless nursery decor and custom infant/toddler clothing that people can afford. Blair started by creating delicate nursery prints, which we soon realized translated beautifully onto textiles. All of the patterns featured on our bedding and clothing products, as well as our custom nursery prints are all original designs created by Blair- each design unique and carrying special meaning for us.

Heyward House is offering 10% off for my readers now through January 1st, 2019 with code “MERRY.”

Christmas Collection: I love the reindeer pattern of the unisex pajamas that Harper is wearing and that Landon is wearing. There’s also a cute bib in this same reindeer print.


Thanks so much to the owners of Heyward House for providing the pajamas featured in this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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