Newfangled Clothing Co.

One fun perk of this little blog of mine is that I have the opportunity to work with a lot of really amazing small businesses, and I am so excited to announce that Harper is a new brand ambassador for Newfangled Clothing, a darling children’s clothing company out of Kentucky.

Cheryl, the owner and creative genius (not even kidding) of Newfangled Clothing is a believer and mom of many who is passionate about raising up boys and girls to be who God wants them to be and creating beautiful, unique pieces that embrace the magic of childhood. She tells her story like this:

“The inspiration behind Newfangled came out of a love of designing and learning to sew clothing for my lil girl many many years ago.I wanted her to know how special she was and wanted her to embrace her differences yet in a modest fully fashionable way. To be who God created her to be. And with the creative design and seamstress abilities blessing God gifted me I am honored to get to live my dream job of designing for your little one now.

This world pushes to grow up our littles way too quickly, to fit in, conform. I say no! Let them be little! Dress everyday as special as they are! Embrace who God crafted them to be, yet be modest. Fashion never has to be traded for their modesty.”

It’s such an honor to work with small shops who have stories like this one! Follow along on instagram to see more beautiful pieces and to stay up to date on new releases – each one is truly even better than the one before!

Here, Harper is wearing the Piper Set from the brand new Chasing Dreams Collection, featuring a peter pan collar with angel wings as sleeves and a scoop back with matching bloomers. The teal print on the collar, sleeves, and bloomers has a sweet cat print on it and the other material has a whimsical bird and tree print, both perfect for Spring.

Other favorites from the Chasing Dreams Collection:

Cheryl has so generously provided my readers with a coupon code: Use code “Harper15off” for 15% off your entire purchase! 

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