Baby Oranges Box

Every now and then, I come across a new brand that is just really special and I get so excited that I can hardly stand it. Well friends, this is one of those times. I’m so excited to be a part of babyoranges‘ launch day and to share their story with you!


If you’ve ever considered purchasing a gift box (similar to ipsy boxes, the monogram box, etc.), but you haven’t quite brought yourself to bite the bullet, now is the time! I have always wanted to get one and love the idea of getting a box of surprise goodies in the mail. Ya’ll… let me tell you, I’m so happy with this box. The company itself is close to my heart for several reasons. First of all, all the items in the box are from small shops and made in the U.S.A. Mamas supporting Mamas! Also, this company is a dream turned reality for a mother-daughter duo, which I love because my Mama has always supported me in every endeavor, and I know how special it is to share the same passions and get excited for each other. Lastly, it’s super special to me because this company is allowing a Mama to stay home with her babies while simultaneously helping provide for her family! You can read more about the story behind how babyoranges got started below!

“Raising children is no joke. Between my sister, sister in law, and myself- we have about one million kids running around. It’s actually six, to be exact. A six year old, James, leading the pack and three babies born in an eleven week time span bringing up the rear. So, we get it. Feeding them is hard, disciplining them is hard, clothing them is even harder…

Kiddos grow fast and play rough. Their clothes end up shrunk from the dryer or torn from the playing. We felt like the majority of our time was spent at big box stores, buying cheaply made clothes that would barely fit our children and likely unravel at the seams in two weeks time. So we began to shop around and we stumbled upon some unique and worthwhile small businesses that made clothes our children actually liked and we adored. No more complaining about itchy shirts or too tight waistbands. Gone were the days of one wash shrinking and frayed pant hems.

It didn’t take long for us to decide we needed to get these clothes into the hands of all the mamas out there. But how? We wanted to be different. We wanted to be fun. Because, let’s face it, parenthood can be a tad mundane at times. So what better way to spice it up than to receive a fun present in the mail as a gift?

And so, babyoranges was born.

babyoranges  is a children’s gift box company. We have a variety of boxes ranging from bedtime to newborn. There’s even a box for that adorable outfit your little one needs for a special night out. And if that isn’t enough, every quarter we will have a themed box just to keep things fresh! You’ll receive a beautifully package of thoughtfully hand picked goodies from yours truly. No middle man, no big manufacturer- just a small family owned and operated business sending you stunning clothes and accessories made right here in the good old U.S. of A.

We can’t feed your kids for you and we certainly wouldn’t try disciplining them for you, but we sure can make clothing them a breeze.

So kick back, have a glass of wine, and let babyoranges hand pick goodies for you.”

I love how Tracy, part of this Mama-Daughter duo explains how babyoranges got started:

“What we are offering is a service for people to be able to send a gift for whatever occasion with items from small shops around the U.S.

They are shops we have found thru Etsy and Instagram! A friend once told me she was always nervous to buy from one of the Etsy shops because not sure what she would get and what would the quality be like! We are taking that risk out because we have searched and tried out so many shops and believe we have stumbled onto some great ones! We continue to try out shops to be able to include in our boxes in the future! The items in the box are all from different vendors and items will vary depending on which shops we use and items they send us!

I (Tracy, the mom of this duo) have always been the one that loves to buy gifts, especially things that people won’t see everywhere! When my kids were little it was little mom and pop shops that I would find and now for my grandkids (six of them!) it’s still some mom and pop shops, but mostly small shops that I’ve found online!

Allie, my daughter, is the one who dreamed up our adventure and called me with this idea and it has expanded into babyoranges after a year of planning! She was pregnant and very much wanting to find a way to stay home with her little girl and still have a career and help her family! I love how the Internet and all the online shopping can give her that!

I myself, having a retail background and studying it in college, love that I can contribute to my daughter’s dream of providing a service to others and being able to send beautiful fun gifts for people to take to parties, or we can send the box with a message from the person to the party itself, if they are not able to attend. Or we thought how fun to just receive a gift yourself and be surprised with what you receive inside. We try to post all our wonderful items but there is no guarantee every item will be the same. It will be the same value and quality and special each time!

The name of our business came from our oldest grandchild who used to call clementines (baby oranges) and now has all the grandkids and adults in our family doing it!”

I think what I love most about the items in my box is that they aren’t necessarily items I would have purchased myself. They are all put together in such a fun way, that I’m excited for Harper to wear something kind of different and so adorable, all the while knowing that I’m supporting and representing small, family owned shops!

I also love the idea of surprising a new mom or mom-to-be with a box of goodies, because who wouldn’t love that? Here’s a closer look at the beautiful items in my “cutie” box-

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Thanks so much to babyoranges for providing the items featured in this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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