Easy Spring + Summer Looks with Eyelet & Ivy


First of all, can we just talk about how my baby looks like a teenager? What happened!? (*cue all the Mama tears*). This boy is wide open from the minute he wakes up until the minute his sweet little blonde head hits the pillow, so outfits that are as comfortable as they are cute are a must these days. Eyelet & Ivy has so many adorable pima sets that are perfect to transition from spring to summer. Here, Landon is wearing the Henley Set in Go Fish, which features the softest knit top, cute little shorties, and pretty beachy colors.


I can hardly believe my Harpie Doodle is almost ONE! She’s going to be walking any day now and is just quite the handful, if I’m being honest. She’s definitely a miniature Katie (Lord help us all) and life with her is just so much fun. She’s a joy bringer. Here, she’s wearing the Libby Set in Sail Away, which combines ruffles, buffalo checks, and a whimsical sailboat print. I am crossing my fingers hoping that this still fits my growing girl around the 4th of July! Landon’s matching set (the Wynn Set in Sail Away) features shorties in the complimenting sailboat print.

See more of Eyelet & Ivy’s Spring Collection here, and be sure to subscribe to their newsletter and follow along on Instagram to be kept up to date about the latest promotions!


Not sure how it’s possible, but yesterday I picked up their 1st and 3rd birthday party invitations from the printer. Talk about doing a number on this Mama’s heart. Where did my little tiny babies go? I had a little moment in the car as I looked them over with so many mixed emotions and Landon piped up from the backseat and said, “Mama don’t cry, you can have my fruit snacks!” He cracks me up!

I’m so thankful to be their Mama. It’s the hardest, yet most rewarding job I’ve ever had, and I’ve never been more sure that I’m right where I’m supposed to be!

Thanks so much to Eyelet and Ivy for providing the clothing featured in this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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