Christmas Cards

Okay, okay… I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet…. But I can’t wait to mail out Christmas cards this year! I have always loved getting and sending out Christmas cards. Some of my sweetest childhood memories from Christmastime are of racing to the mailbox every day during the month of December, looking through the cards we got from friends and family, dragging a dining room chair through the living room so I could reach, and hanging them on the door in our living room with scotch tape, starting at the top and working our way down as they kept flooding our mailbox. We had them all hanging up on display and our visitors would stop to admire all the pretty cards we’d received as they came and went during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

For me, Christmas cards are a reminder of home, a reminder of traditions, a smell of sweet cinnamon coming from the kitchen and a twinkling pine tree that I picked out myself on my uncle’s farm. They’re one of those things that, if we don’t keep the magic alive, could easily fall through the cracks and quickly become a thing of the past. Let’s keep the magic of Christmas cards alive. Even if it just causes you to pause and read a sweet sentiment in the middle of what can be a busy, stressful time of year. It’s special. Take the time to let someone know you’re thinking of them this Christmas… sometimes that’s the sweetest gift you can give.


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