Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving 2015 came and went before we knew it, and although it was a whirlwind, it was truly a time to reflect on how blessed we are. I have always loved Thanksgiving more than almost any other holiday, and my family’s traditions make it extra special.

This year was our first married Thanksgiving, so we had lunch with his side of the family and dinner with mine. We consumed so much food in one day! It was marvelous. We’re thankful to both come from families full of amazing cooks. The creamed corn and mashed potatoes are always my favorites.



In July of this year, the church that Grayson grew up in and we got married in caught fire and the sanctuary was quickly completely engulfed in flames. It was a terrible day that left many broken hearts and tear stained faces, but we have faith that God is going to (literally) bring beauty from the ashes. Grayson’s mom got us a very special ornament that the Ruritan Club in Bethlehem, NC is making this year. We will treasure this for years to come, and are so thankful to have a piece of such a special place hanging on our Christmas tree as a reminder of our beautiful Christmas wedding.


Our car broke down on Thanksgiving day, while we were traveling from his parent’s house in Hickory, NC to my grandparent’s house in Banner Elk, NC. Needless to say, Jesus is constantly teaching me to #1 see the good in all situations and #2 not be so caught up in my “plan” that I can’t function when things change. We were lucky that it happened in a safe place, that we were close by enough that I could call my family to come get the groceries out of our car so they could get in the refrigerator, that I have a AAA Membership and we were able to have the car towed for free, and that we were still able to make it in time for Thanksgiving dinner with my family. I guess you could say we’re just adding adventures to our list!

On Friday morning, Grayson and I cooked breakfast together for my whole family, which was so much fun. Before my grandma died, she taught Grayson how to make her famous biscuits and gravy (a recipe that takes quite a while to master and is hard to write out on an index card). Watching him make her recipe just filled my heart with such overwhelming gratitude. I’m so thankful to have found a man who loves my family and appreciates traditions like I do.

Another Thanksgiving tradition we have is that the weekend after Thanksgiving, we always go pick out our Christmas tree on my uncle’s tree farm in Avery County. Some years, it’s freezing or pouring snow, and some years it’s a pretty fall day with that crispness in the air that only fall can bring. This year, it was unusually warm with blue skies and it was so nice. I have taken the same picture of Grayson pulling our tree behind him holding the chainsaw every year for five whole years! It’s crazy to think that God has already given us the opportunity to make these traditions our own… it’s such a gift! My uncle, Bill, is such a special man. I love him so much, and I’m so thankful for any time we get to spend with him.


My aunt, Tootsie, lives on a beautiful farm in Crossnore, NC and every year, we get a beautiful wreath from her for our front door. There’s nothing like the smell of a freshly made wreath, and knowing it’s been made with love makes it that much better.


Leaving the mountains is always so bittersweet for me. There’s a piece of my heart that will always belong there, no matter where life takes me. Although I love coming home, I get homesick quite often for the quietness and peacefulness that comes with this view.


Now, as we approach the Christmas season, I am excited for what Jesus has in store for us. This new season is going to be filled with a kind of joy that can only come from our Father, I just know it.

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