Haiti 2015

In just a few days, a team of our dearest friends leaves for a week in Haiti. We were originally supposed to be part of that team. Deciding not to go was a very hard decision for Grayson and I, but after much prayer and lots of thought, we finally decided together what we already knew: the right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing. The Lord made it very obvious to us that it is the wrong time for us to go (through many different things) and we had to trust His voice.

All year, throughout the planning, the saving, the fundraising through Renmen Abonde, and the conversations about our upcoming trip, I have had an unwavering feeling in the back of my mind that something was going to happen and we weren’t going to be able to go. No matter how much I prayed about it or how much I searched my heart, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was not going to be going to Haiti this year. I tried ignoring the feeling, I tried writing about how I felt, I tried begging God to give me clarity… and despite it all, I think I knew deep down that something wasn’t right.

When we found out the first week of October that we were going to have a baby, I still tried convincing myself that we could make this trip work. I wanted to go so badly. All the while, Jesus was tugging at both of our hearts, saying “BE STILL!” I don’t know if that lingering feeling in the back of mind was God’s way of preparing my heart for the choice we were going to have to make, but we finally realized that sometimes, it takes as much faith and obedience to listen to God when He says, “DON’T go” as it does when He says “go!” Nevertheless, my heart did not feel at peace until we fully decided that we would not be joining our team on this trip.

We were so nervous to tell our team about our decision. Fear of letting them down or being misunderstood wrecked our hearts, but we knew we had to do it. The night that we met with them around our friend’s kitchen table and shared our hearts ended up being sweeter than anything we could have hoped for. Not only did they understand, they supported our decision and even further confirmed that we had made the right one. They prayed for us, one by one, around that table. Prayers for our torn hearts, prayers for peace of mind, prayers for the growth and development of this baby… it was one of those nights we will always hold in our hearts. That’s really what it’s all about, anyway. Jesus, community, growing closer to Him and those He’s put in our lives.

I’m asking you, if you’re reading this, to join me in prayer for this precious group of people that are spending a week in Jacmel, Haiti sharing the love of our Savior. The Haitian people are special. They are so receptive to the Gospel, so hungry for the love that only Jesus can give, and they have hearts that are bigger than anyone who has not experienced it firsthand could imagine.

Kelley, Bobby, Amanda, Jon, Jeremy, Hailey, and Mike will be telling everyone they come in contact with about Jesus, how He died for our sins, how He is in Heaven preparing a place for us, and how it’s a free gift to all who repent of their sins and ask Him to come into their hearts. They’ll be answering tough questions from our Haitian friends who have already asked Jesus into their hearts and are eager to understand more and grow closer to our Father. They will see heartbreaking situations, pray over sickness, rebuke the Devil in places where voodoo is prominent, and continue building relationships that began many years ago. Please pray for their safety, for wisdom and guidance, and for the hearts of everyone they meet and share the Gospel with. Pray that people are saved, that lives are changed, and that seeds are planted.


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