23 Weeks

As promised, for all of you who’ve asked, here’s a quick update on how I’m doing at 23 weeks pregnant… plus a few highlights of this past week.

I know everyone says that “everything changes when you have a baby,” but it’s amazing how little things start to change when you’re expecting, too. Instead of picking up the latest Nicholas Sparks novel, I spend my time reading things like Baby Wise, What to Expect, and every birth story blog I can find. In addition to my TJ Maxx and AC Moore rewards cards, I’ve now added a Babies R Us card to my keychain too (what is life?!). My habit of constantly rearranging our furniture has been focused on ideas of where bassinets, pack and plays, and bouncy seats will go, instead of what looks most like an episode of Fixer Upper. My list of favorite blogs to read daily has multiplied, and now includes more motherhood blogs than fashion, food, and travel blogs. My Instagram and Pinterest reflect my excitement and obsession with all things baby related, too.

It’s such a sweet time of change and I finally feel like I’m starting to enjoy this journey that for so long, seemed like a mountain I wasn’t sure that I could climb. We registered at Babies R Us last weekend, which made the fact that Landon will be here in just about 17 more weeks that much more real!


My most recent craving is donuts… which is extra funny to me, because I have always favored savory or salty things over sweet things. I guess that means Landon has a sweet tooth! Now that I’m well into the second trimester, I’ve let up on my caffeine hiatus a little and although I’m still not drinking regular coffees or lattes, I am drinking more sweet tea and have allowed myself one decaf hazelnut latte a week… which literally tastes like Heaven in a cup.

I had another ultrasound last week, since he was not cooperative at the last one I had in January (they needed to see his face and he refused to roll over… stubborn little guy). I was thrilled to see his face and his sweet little profile. He was wiggling all over the place!


I am feeling him move around and kick more and more every day and it’s the most incredible feeling. I can’t even explain it, except that it feels like there’s a little fish swimming around in there! I know I’ll miss this feeling after he’s born.

The only negative things I’ve been experiencing are continued break outs on my face, tiredness, and most recently…. swollen feet and ankles. I’ve been trying to elevate my feet and soak them in hot water with epsom salts when I get home from work to keep the swelling to a minimum.

The love of Jesus that people have shown me this week has been so incredible, there really aren’t even words. One night this week, when I really needed an extra boost of encouragement, one of my dearest friends surprised me with a goodie basket for Landon, full of the sweetest little special things. A stuffed pup who looks just like my Sam, complete with Landon’s monogram on his floppy ear, beautiful burp cloths, and a darling little sensory book from one of my favorite children’s boutiques!

My aunt also surprised me with some darling little night gowns and a bonnet and Bible set, which I can’t stop looking at. I can’t wait to see our little boy all snuggled up in my arms in these. He’s already so loved!

Also, some good family friends surprised us with Landon’s very first Appalachian gear… and I can’t wait to see how adorable he looks in them. He’s pretty much destined to love the Mountaineers just like his Momma and Daddy do, so he might as well get used to things with that black and gold “A” on them!

Then, one of the most precious ladies at my church who just has a contagious joy-filled spirit, despite going through so much hardship, completely out-of-nowhere, made my day on Friday by surprising Grayson and I with supper. Baked spaghetti, garlic bread, salad, and dessert… all packed up and ready for us, delivered to me at work with a big, warm smile on her face. That’s Jesus, my friends. Loud and clear, on display for my tear filled eyes to see. When you ask Him to reveal His glory to you in ways that you can’t miss… He’ll do it every. single. time. And often times, it’s through people when you least expect it.

My sweet Momma surprised Grayson and I with this delicious Valentine’s breakfast, which was the best, most unexpected blessing! She’s seriously the most thoughtful woman on the planet and I’m so thankful for her.


Coming to work after a holiday weekend is always hard, but I sure did have a wonderful Valentine’s with this handsome man of mine. Five years of Valentine’s celebrations and he’s still my favorite part of every day. It’s hard to believe that this time next year we’ll have an 8 month old!


Joy upon joy upon joy. That’s what this season is. My cup overflows.

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