As if I wasn’t stressed out enough already about the possibility of failing my dreaded glucose test, it seemed like everything went wrong this morning before I finally made it to the doctor’s office.

Even though I was awake long before my alarm went off, I still managed to find myself scrambling around at the last minute trying to get out the door on time. As it turns out, snuggly golden retrievers and 25 outfit changes will do that to ya… Shortly after I left the house, my gas light came on (Grayson usually pumps my gas for me, but I didn’t even realize I was getting low) leaving me with no choice but to drive on E all the way to the doctor because I had no time to stop. The traffic was horrendous, and since I usually don’t leave the house at that time of morning, I had no idea what time I should leave in order to get to downtown Charlotte in time for my appointment. When I got to the parking deck, I couldn’t find a decent parking spot, and finally found myself on the top floor, practically running (or, more like a brisk waddle) to the elevator. The elevator took forever and stopped at every floor of the complex before finally dropping me off at the right floor.

I know I probably looked like a frazzled maniac when I signed in, breathless, at the front desk. Then, when they took me back to drink the dreaded sugary liquid, I’m sure I had a look of pure terror all over my face. Add in the unexpected news that I was going to be getting the whooping cough vaccine too, and I probably just looked like I wanted to cry.

I had braced myself for the worst because of all the horrible things I’d heard about the glucose test. Everyone had said it was so disgusting and I had (seriously) imagined myself being forced to drink a gallon of thick, cough-syrup-like liquid or a gritty orange-tang-like drink. It was nothing like that. It was a little 10oz. bottle of clear liquid that was so cold I didn’t even notice the consistency and it tasted like fruit punch. No big deal. Whew… I was so relieved.

The hour wait went by quickly, because I had my shot (owwww) and briefly saw my doctor. I was surprised to get the results before I left (I thought they may have to call me later and tell me the news), but I can assure you that I was not nearly as surprised as everyone in the office was when I high-fived the lab tech and jumped up and down squealing over the results. Yep… I was that girl.


I just knew that I did.. but I don’t and it’s the best news I’ve had all week. I’m so relieved. So, of course, after sending about 20 text messages to my friends and family (in all caps) the only natural thing for me to do was go get a celebratory sweet tea. You better believe it. This little boy has no idea what a crazy Momma he’s getting haha

Just wanted to share my good news with ya’ll and thank you for the sweet messages letting me know you’re praying for Landon and me and for all the encouragement.



One thought on “I DON’T HAVE THE SHUGAS!

  1. Theresa Moser says:

    So, so, so glad to hear you do not have the SHUGARS!!! Praying for you and that lil boy…..you will be a great mom 🍼👶🏻😘. Love u


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