Finally, some direction.

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a great weekend! I had a very productive weekend and was so thankful to spend some quality time with my Momma and Grayson. It seems like we’ve had plans every single weekend for so many months that to have a “free” Saturday was a real blessing.

The three of us spent all day on Saturday together shopping for the nursery. We had a wonderful lunch outside to break up the day in absolute perfect weather at a mexican restaurant near Southpark Mall called Chuys. If you’ve never been there, I’d definitely recommend it. The food was great and the atmosphere was so fun. If there’s brightly colored umbrellas and good guacamole, I’m a fan.

We browsed around Ikea, and I finally made two purchases I’ve been eyeing for quite a while. I’m planning to start out using this cart in the nursery, but I could use it in literally every room in the house (whether it be the bathroom, laundry room, or the kitchen). And this faux fur has already found it’s home on my quilt ladder and I’m in love.

Believe it or not, as much as I love decorating, getting started with decorating the nursery has been one of the hardest, most overwhelming things I’ve ever done. Even as excited as I am, lots of tears have been shed over what I can only describe as lack of direction, exhaustion, and just a complete sense of confusion.

What I needed was a starting point. It was all so overwhelming because I knew I need a rug, a chair, curtains, and bedding, but I didn’t know what to get first to base everything else off of. If you don’t have bedding, how do you know what color curtains to get? If you don’t know what color your bedding and curtains are going to be, how do you choose a rug or a chair? It literally was making me crazy. Lots and lots of tears.

Only my Momma- the one who knows me best- could pick me up, breathe life into me, pour prayers and words of encouragement over me, and inspire me. We set out early Saturday morning with absolutely no idea what we were getting ourselves into and by 9:00 that night, we had his crib set up with the most beautiful linen bedding I’ve ever seen and a vision for the room that is exactly what I’ve been praying for for months.

This bedding is even more gorgeous in person, and it’s exactly what I had been searching for. I almost cried when I saw it. I was originally envisioning more of a sea foam green color with grey walls, but now that I’ve found this bedding, my color scheme has changed to this soft blue with my favorite sherwin williams paint color (literally… it goes with everything). It’s going to be light and fresh and soft and exactly the kind of serene place you’d want to cuddle up with a new baby. I am so excited I can hardly stand it… finally, some direction!


There’s still so much to do and we have a lot to accomplish in the next 11 weeks before our little Landon comes, but I now have a sense of peace and excitement that is truly a gift, and it’s all because my Momma loves like no one else. If I’m half the Momma to my little boy that she’s been to me, I will have had the opportunity to love in a way that some people don’t experience in their whole life.

Oh, and another sweet little tidbit about this? That’s my crib. 24 years later. My cup overflows.

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