He Goes Before Us // John 18

My pastor has been spending a lot of time in John these last few weeks, and I honestly didn’t realize how jam packed with goodness it was until we really started digging down deep into it. I like John, because it’s written like a story and is pretty easy to follow, but when you start studying it word for word it really comes to life.

Last night at our Wednesday night prayer meeting, we talked about John 18, which is an account of Jesus praying in the garden with His disciples after the Last Supper. My pastor said that some commentaries and research he’s done in seminary imply that the group of soldiers and officials carrying torches, lanterns, and weapons that Judas led to betray Jesus (John 18:2-3) was a a group of about 650 men! I never realized that it was a group that large. What’s really amazing about this to me is how Jesus handled it, which was all part of His plan from the beginning.

John 18:4 says that when they came to the garden, “Jesus, knowing all that was going to happen to Him, went out and asked them, ‘Who is it you want?'”

When trouble came, He stepped out first. He went before them. He protected them. In the presence of 650 men armed with weapons, fully aware of the absolute torture that was to come, He stepped forward, knowing who He was is (and will always be) enough.

How incredible is it that 2000 years later, He is still doing the same for us? He loves us so much that He goes before us and makes a way for us. He is more than enough. He sees the big picture when we can’t, when we’re blinded by uncertainty, when we’re paralyzed with fear. He’s our calm in the storm, He’s our clarity in the chaos, He’s our strength in weakness.

As Easter quickly approaches, lets focus on His goodness. It’s easy to just hear the story of the crucifixion and resurrection every year, but when you really focus on His love and purpose and power that is at the heart of it all, it totally wrecks your heart. What a Savior!

Also, if you want goosebumps, watch this video. My husband shared it with me last night and it’s pretty incredible.

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