When the Extrovert is Tired

If you know anyone with an outgoing, extroverted personality, you’re probably used to their upbeat, energetic demeanor. They’re probably a morning person, and maybe even a night person too. They are probably overly excited about all the littlest things in life, talk way too fast when they’re excited (which is more often than not), and they might seem to have no “off switch.”

I know all about this, because I basically just described myself.

But, the question is what about when the extrovert is tired?

It’s important for everyone to have time alone, time to “recharge,” time to think and process their emotions, and to spend time with Jesus. I never understood this concept until I met a dear friend in college who is the complete opposite of me. She’s such an introvert, that she has to work herself up when she knows she’s going to be put in a situation where she’s going to be surrounded by people or where she’s going to have to be the center of attention. I’ve never felt this way… it’s always come naturally to me, because that’s just my personality, but the truth is, sometimes even the extrovert get tired.

Becoming friends with someone like Valerie was so good for me, because it taught me not only the importance of taking time to “recharge” even when I think I don’t need it, but also the value of surrounding myself with people who love and accept me both at my most energetic, upbeat times and also during the calmer, down time that’s truly inevitable and necessary.

So, if you have someone like this in your life, don’t be too quick to question their emotional state or happiness when they seem a little more tranquil or calm than normal. Just because they aren’t bouncing off the walls doesn’t mean something is “wrong,” it could just mean they are “recharging.”

Scripture actually encourages us to take time to do this. Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God.” Some of us just need a daily reminder to do this, so we aren’t trying to go 90 miles a minute every second of every day and get burnt out.

And how sweet of a blessing is it to be in the presence of someone who accepts and understands you, no matter what? That’s the kind of friend we should all strive to be!

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