32 Weeks

When I got pregnant, I swore I was going to take cute little weekly pictures to show how my belly grew over time and write everything down and soak in every minute. Well… as it turns out, that’s a lot easier said than done, especially when life gets busy. I follow several bloggers who share “pregnancy questionnaires” like this one every week (and although I don’t know how they have time to do this every week, I love the idea behind it). I think these are such a fun way to share updates about pregnancy!

How far along?

32 weeks… we think. My due date changed from June 18th to June 13th, and then we were told it may be closer to June 1st. So… who knows haha (I guess that’s how it is when you get pregnant while on birth control).

How big is baby?

Over 3 pounds already (he was almost 3 pounds at my last ultrasound a few weeks ago). I have been measuring “a little big” at pretty much every appointment… and Grayson was a big baby. So, we’ll see how this goes.

Total weight gain:

I’m not really keeping up with it, but I know it’s a lot. Oh well… baby’s healthy, I’m happy. And if he wants steak tacos every day… he gets steak tacos every day (extra pico de gallo, por favor).

Maternity clothes?

I hear women all the time saying they didn’t even have to wear maternity clothes until they were 5 months along and I just don’t get it. I’ve been wearing maternity jeans and leggings since about 12 weeks, because it was just so uncomfortable to have anything tight across my growing belly.

  • My favorite brand of leggings are the Liz Lange for Target with the full panel. Seriously… so comfortable.
  • In recent months, since I am further along, my favorite brand for maternity clothes has become Pink Blush. It’s an online boutique out of California and the shipping is free and fast, the prices are good and there’s always a sale going on, and the customer service and exchange policy is exceptional. They have the cutest maternity clothes on the market, for sure.
  • I found a little local maternity consignment store called One Hott Mamma, where I’ve found a few good staples.
  • I also purchased a pair of white jeans for spring from Destination Maternity and they are Jessica Simpson brand. I found a nursing bra there on clearance for $10 too, so that was a steal (considering Destination Maternity is pretty pricey).
  • For tops, I’ve found (surprisingly enough) some cute things at Cato in the plus section. If I can find the smallest size in the bigger section, it usually accommodates my belly really well and people are always asking me where I found such “cute maternity shirts.” They never believe it when I tell them Cato (especially considering they don’t even carry maternity clothes).


Other than waking up several times a night to use the bathroom, I haven’t had too hard of a time with sleep (yet). I think me having to get up several times a night like this now is just Jesus’ way of preparing me for what’s to come (yikes!).

Best moment this week:

At this point in the 3rd trimester, I have doctor’s appointments every two weeks instead of once a month, and I have started rotating between the other 5 doctors in my practice so that I can meet them, just in case my doctor (who I adore) is not available to deliver when that time comes.

This week, I met one of the male doctors (there’s two men and four women doctors in my practice) and I was a little nervous about it. For some reason, I have mixed feelings about having a male obstetrician (which is why I chose a woman), even though it was a man who delivered me and almost every other baby in my family (and everyone loved him dearly). However, my appointment was actually one of the highlights of my week, because he was hilarious! He’s from New Orleans and he has a thick accent, and I think I laughed the whole time I was in the office. I guess I would be fine if he had to deliver my baby after all.


I have an anterior placenta, so it took me a little longer than normal to be able to really feel him moving, but now (as of the last month or so) I can feel him moving all over the place all the time. The very first time I ever felt a distinguished kick that I knew without a shadow of a doubt was him (like, much more pronounced than a little flutter like you have in the beginning) was on New Years Eve. Nowadays, he’s a pretty strong little fella and I love wiggling or tapping on my belly and watching him respond to me with a kick. It’s so weird to see my whole belly move! He already has such a funny little personality. I can tell he’s going to be just like his daddy, because he’s most active right after I eat and anytime there’s music (especially at Wednesday night choir practice). I know I’m going to miss this part of pregnancy after he’s born.

Food cravings:

For a while, I craved grilled mushrooms – which is just flat out weird, because I have always hated mushrooms – and I probably ate a million. That craving was intense, but only lasted a few weeks. Since then, it’s been all about some steak tacos. There’s a little hole-in-the-wall authentic Latino restaurant beside my office and I’ve ordered so much that they know my order by heart. I guess the old wive’s tale that craving meat is a sign you’re having a boy is true.

Food Aversions:

I’ve heard some women say that they had a hard time stomaching meat, but I didn’t experience anything like that. The only weird thing with me has been that I have always loved pumpkin anything -pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin spice lattes… anything. However, ever since I got pregnant, just the thought of the pumpkin flavor has completely repulsed me. I don’t know why, but I just can’t…


It’s a boy! We were so surprised… almost everyone (including my mother, who has never been wrong about anything my entire life) thought it would be a girl, but they were wrong. I didn’t really have a preference, but the closer it gets to June, the more excited I am getting to be bringing a little boy into this world.

Pregnancy Symptoms:

Swollen feet! They are ridiculous. Like, straight up cankle-status. It’s not being caused by my blood pressure and I’m doing all the things you can do to prevent it (drinking lots of water, elevating my feet when possible, soaking them in Epsom salts, and Grayson has been rubbing them at night) but nothing helps. But hey, I’ll take swollen feet over severe morning sickness any day (thank GOD I didn’t have to go through that).

Belly Button in or out?

Uh… is “completely flat” an option? I’m hoping it doesn’t get to the point that it pokes out haha

What I miss:

  • Being able to wear all my cute spring dresses, or just throw something simple on and go (I have to put a lot more thought into my outfits these days).
  • Being able to wear cute heels and wedges (these elephant feet of mine only fit in like, two pairs of shoes).
  • Being able to bend over and pick things up off the floor without it taking an act of congress. Seriously ya’ll, the struggle is real. Grayson and I have a joke that if I drop it on the ground, it’s “dead to me.”
  • My energy (I would go to bed at like, 7pm every single night if I could).
  • Being able to take real medicine when I need it. My allergies have been so bad this year, and there’s such limited options of what’s safe to take. Not to mention, Tylenol is like candy. I could take a whole bottle and still have a headache (don’t worry people, I’m not really taking whole bottles of Tylenol over here).

What I am looking forward to:

Holding my baby boy in my arms! I can’t wait to see what he looks like and smell him and cuddle him up and love on him! I’m already so in love with him and I know that’s not even close to what I’m going to feel when I meet him for the first time.

Upcoming appointments/events:

Our Landon is already SO loved, it blows my mind. We have five upcoming showers (ahhhh!) between both our families, our jobs, and our church; the first of which is this weekend (and we are so excited).

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