Baby Shower #4: Surprise! Theme


If I told you that walking into a Bible Study group full of a bunch of girls who already know each other and are all friends wasn’t just a little intimidating, I would be lying. But last December, that’s exactly what I did. Since then, our time together has encouraged my heart, strengthened my desire to learn more about Jesus, and challenged me to live more authentically. Each and every girl in this picture has something about them that makes them special, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to know them and grow in my walk with the Lord alongside them. I’m so grateful for that cold, Monday night in December when I found myself at The Well for the first time, a little more nervous about meeting so many new people for the first time than I should have been, having no idea the sweet friendships Jesus was blessing me with because of it.

Monday was such a hard day for me. Being as uncomfortable as I am physically as I near the end of my pregnancy, stress at work, and a terrible headache had me deciding not to go to Bible Study that night, but at the last minute I changed my mind and BOY, AM I GLAD I DID! These precious girls surprised me with Baby Shower #4 and even invited my Momma! They prayed over me, my delivery, and Landon. They poured words of encouragement over me, spoke life into me, and showered me with gifts for our little boy. They refueled my spirit in a way that only sisters in Christ can. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making that night so special, girls! I’m so blessed by you all.

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