Friday Favorites

This week has been sweet for a few different reasons and I’m so, so glad it’s Friday! I hope you all have had a wonderful week, too!

1 | Baby Birds

On Saturday, we discovered these sweet little birdies made their nest in our fern! How perfect is this? The timing couldn’t be sweeter, right as we prepare to bring our own little baby home to the nest.


2 | My First Mother’s Day Gift

On Sunday morning, Grayson woke me up with a First Mother’s Day gift, something I was not expecting at all (since our little man hasn’t exactly arrived yet). I’ve been wanting a watercolor journaling Bible for a long time, and this one is the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. He even got me the special pens and paints to make it my own!


3 | Hospital Tour

So far, Grayson and I have completed the Infant CPR and First Aid class and the Hospital Tour, with only the Breastfeeding class left to go. The classes have been so helpful and informative, and I’m so glad we’ve done them. We especially enjoyed the Hospital Tour, which we did this Tuesday. I’m so excited to deliver Landon at the same hospital where I was born and it is just so nice, we were both very impressed. Actually seeing the delivery and recovery rooms and walking through the Maternity Center really helped put my mind at ease and a lot of my questions were answered. If you’re expecting, I would definitely recommend doing a tour of your hospital! Look at the beautiful view of the Charlotte skyline from the Maternity Center! Isn’t it just gorgeous?


4 | Our Last Ultrasound

On Thursday, we got to see our baby for the last time (probably) until he’s in our arms! He already weighs about 7 pounds, has big cheeks that I can hardly wait to squeeze, and is measuring right at 37 weeks! The ultrasound tech surprised me by switching it to 3D  at the end, something I didn’t even think they could do at my office. I just busted out crying because it was so real, seeing him like this. Carrying this little life is the greatest gift God has ever given me and I can’t wait to look into his eyes for the first time!


5 | My Last Day of Work and the Sweetest Delivery

Today is my last day of work, so that I have a little while to rest and elevate my feet (that are still really swollen) before Landon decides to come! I was so surprised this morning when Grayson had these beauties delivered to me at work. My favorite: pink tulips and deep purple irises! He’s the sweetest, and his pursuit of my heart is relentless. I’m so thankful for the way he loves me.


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