Baby Shower #6: Adventure Theme

Six showers! Six! We are blown away, to say the least. Both of our families, both of our jobs, our church, and my monthly girl’s Bible Study group have all showered us with love as we prepare to bring our baby boy into this world. The way Jesus loves on us through our family and friends is the sweetest.

When my cousin, Heather, asked if she could host our baby shower, I was so excited. She and I like all the same things and she gets as excited as I do about throwing a party. She’s such a graceful hostess and always thinks of everything. Every detail was beautiful and so special.



Thank you SO much to everyone who came to our shower, some from just around the corner and some from hours away! We so appreciate Heather hosting and planning and Liz, Rhonda, Gretchen, and Katie for helping! Our Landon is already so loved and it’s the sweetest, most overwhelming blessing!

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