Hoot & Co. Collaboration

I am all about finding fun, small businesses that offer unique, quality products. I stumbled across Hoot & Co. on instagram and fell in love with their handmade pet bandanas and bowties. They offer so many different options and come in various sizes, so no matter how big or small your fur baby is, there’s something perfect just for them!

Hoot & Co. is just a few years old (2014) and is operated out of Denver, Colorado by a sweet girl named Kaylynne, who is the same age as me (how cool is that?!) and currently working on her bachelors degree in Business Administration in hopes that it will help her continue to grow her business.

I’m head over heels for this bandana and absolutely love that it’s reversible. The quality is incredible and it is washable, which is another big plus.


Working with Kaylynne, owner of Hoot & Co. has been an absolute pleasure! This bandana was gifted to me to share about with my readers.

One thought on “Hoot & Co. Collaboration

  1. darlingdearestblog says:

    Look at them! Sam and Kai look great in their bandannas:)!! You know I love that anchor print!! They just pose for these pictures, too cute!
    (Sidenote: I’m GIDDY for you this week!)


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