The Best Pimento Cheese

Last weekend, I went to the beach with (almost) all the ladies in my family and we stayed in a beautiful home right across the street from the beach. Anytime the ladies in my family get together, there’s good food (and a lot of it).

I have never been a fan of pimento cheese. Not very southern of me, I know. However, I am happy to share that I’ve been converted into a pimento cheese lover, and that’s all thanks to my cousin Pam, who I adore and don’t get to see nearly often enough. This is her recipe.

This pimento cheese is seriously the best I’ve ever had. It’s delicious on Ritz Everything crackers, but would also be perfect for a pimento cheese sandwich, or if you’re like my husband, a topping on your burger.


  • 1 pound of extra sharp cheddar, grated
  • 2 ounce jar of pimentos, drained
  • a couple dashes of cayenne pepper
  • mayonnaise to taste/ consistency (I used a little over 1 cup)


  • Grate entire 1 pound block of cheese
  • Mix all ingredients together to taste
  • Chill and enjoy!


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