#ASKFACEBOOK: Marriage Advice

Sometimes, I think it can be so fun to just put a question out there on facebook and see what kind of answers you get. With so much negativity floating around on social media, I love reading through the responses to posts like this – it can be so uplifting and encouraging! With this being the week of Valentines Day and thinking about marriage, I asked “what is the best marriage advice you’ve ever received?”

So, today I am sharing the responses I got (anonymously) and if you have anything you’d like to add, please feel free to share in the comments!

“Kids are yours for a season, but your spouse is yours for a lifetime. Make time for each other!”

“Believe the best about each other.”

“If there is an issue or something to be handled with extended family- if it’s your people, you’re the one who handles it.”

“Unrealistic expectations are the biggest downfall of a marriage. Discuss your expectations for each other and your relationship and decide what is a realistic expectation and what should not be expected.”

“The best thing a mother can do for her children is to love and respect their father completely.”

“Never say anything negative about your spouse in public.”

“He’s your husband- not the Messiah – don’t expect him to save you or be responsible for your happiness. Find your joy in Christ.”

“Don’t watch separate TV’s.”

“Remember, there is romance and reality. Most of marriage is reality (dealing with life in general) but don’t forget to incorporate romance and dealing with that reality creates an amazing companionship that makes life’s realities not so tough!”

“Never stop dating your spouse.”

“Find someone who loves Jesus more than they love you.”

“You will disappoint each other often….get over it.”

“Yes dear.”

“Honor each other above yourselves.”

“Pray together every single day no matter what’s going on. Bad times, good times, and especially the really, really bad angry days.”

“It takes 3 to make a marriage – husband, wife, and the Lord.”

“Always try to out-serve each other!”

“Kiss good morning, kiss good night. Ask ‘how was your day’ every evening. Touch each other every day. Whether it be cuddling, holding hands or something. I’ve also found that using your love language is important too. Finding out which of the 5 you each are and utilizing it.”

“When you feel you are at your limit. Make a list of all the reasons you married this man. Pray, reflect, rewind, revisit and thank God for all your blessings and ask him to help you love him more, care for him and to show him You Jesus.”

“Never go to bed mad.”

Don’t talk negative about your spouse to your parents.”

“Marriage is not always 50/50. Sometimes it is 100/0 depending on the circumstances. When one is weak the other needs to be strong.”



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