#ASKFACEBOOK: Second Baby Preparations

This is the second #ASKFACEBOOK post I’ve done (here’s the first one, if you missed it) and I just think they’re so fun!

I asked, “In what way was preparing for your second baby different than preparing for your first?”

So, today I am sharing the responses I got (anonymously) and if you have anything you’d like to add, please feel free to share in the comments!

“Not as much rest time!”

“You’re more aware of what you actually need. You realize certain things aren’t a huge deal, like if your son sleeps in a pink pack-n-play (or reverse in your case lol). You know that getting rest after delivery is critical and to actually sleep any change you get, for me at least, with [my first] I tried to do too much, when [my second] came I didn’t leave my bedroom for a week.”

“It’s easy. More of the same. Except the stuff you wouldn’t do again.”

“I’m anticipating more takeout, more dry shampoo and more disposable dishes.”

“When I was pregnant with [my second]….I was so sick all the time….all day er-day. So it was hard with a toddler. I felt bad….she watched a lot of TV then. Also, I realized all the stuff I registered for with my first that I really didn’t need some of it. I didn’t over stress and over worry about the house work as much with the second.”

“Ummm the difference right now is that I still don’t have the hospital bags all packed or the crib put together… More relaxed I guess!?”

“Obviously the clothes were different. I spent as much time with the first one as I could because I knew i would soon be splitting my time. I was much more laid back and realized what things were really important to me and what things could be tossed to the wayside. I didn’t have as many gadgets or clothes, I just got what I really needed. I worked on making sure the first one would respond to voice commands so I wouldn’t have to get up from nursing, diapers, or rocking every time I asked her to do something. I tried to focus a little on myself because naps etc were going to be short lived soon. Other than that, not very different. One to two was a transition but then 2 to 3 was a piece of cake. My babies are all a year apart and I loved it. Kinda hard at newborn, 1 and 2 and then 1,2,3 but after that became best friends and are still very close. Thankful we chose to do that.”

“Night and day. Realized you really didn’t need a whole lot that’s out there and could really do a whole lot with very little with the first. Just preparing lots by sleeping as much as I could!”

“Well, there’s the elephant-sized fact that there were two coming. But aside from that, I focused more on organization…what can I do now to make it easier on us then. Like freezing meals, buying extra essentials and toiletries to avoid quick trips to the store, etc. but I also thought a lot about how to spend time with my 1st child so they didn’t feel neglected. Like making sure I carved out time each day for him (away from the new baby). Sticking to a schedule if at all possible. We gave him a twin set of dolls so he could start getting used to there being someone new in the house that needed taken care of. Also maybe get him some new toys to whip out when you really need to entertain him so you don’t depend on the TV. And if you didn’t stay on top of something for your 1st, you likely won’t your second. Like baby books. I got behind on [my first’s] and by the time the twins came, I just gave up altogether.”

“Less stuff!”

“I tried to prepare some things for [my first]. He had a back pack with stuff to do at the hospital (some people don’t want their older kids there but I had been on bed rest for 8 weeks and wanted him with me). We put together a little basket of books and games we could play together while I was nursing [my second] and had some activities easy to grab if I needed him occupied while I did something with the baby. The only other thing not mentioned is I tried to be better prepared food wise. I had snacks stocked up and easy breakfasts. Try and prepare a few freezer meals or easy convenience meals.”

“I’m six weeks out and have nothing done!”

“I had everything ready for whenever [my first] got here (hello, extra time!) and I finished up [my second’s] room after he was born. You will definitely recognize that you have far less time but you’ll already be used to it so it won’t matter much. You don’t need as much because you’ll end up using most of the things you used with the first. With the first delivery you don’t know what to expect but I was more anxious with the second because I had been there before and knew what was coming, not dread, just aware!”

… and then my personal favorite:

“Imagine you’re in a pool, drowning, with a baby in your arms….and someone throws you another baby! THAT’S the difference in one baby and two! Cheers!”





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