Last week, I started a new Bible Study with the women of my church called “We Saved You a Seat” by Lisa-Jo Baker. The study is all about finding and keeping lasting friendship and each week, we cover a different topic that pertains to what intentional, wholesome friendship looks like (for instance, “Friendship takes showing up,” “Friendship takes vulnerability,” “Friendship takes forgiveness” just to name a few).

At our weekly meetings, we watch a video and then have a time of discussion, and then there are three days of independent study to do during the week. I’ve done lots of Bible studies and with so many of them, I’ve found myself unable to stay focused, frustrated that the material is either “too shallow or generic” or way over my head, or just not really applicable to my day to day life. Granted, many times, that is a heart issue with me and I need to pray about it and try again – but for some reason, this study is just hitting the nail on the head with me. It’s real, it’s tangible, and it’s meeting me right where I am on a level that I can really relate to. So, if you’re looking for a new study to do with a group of girlfriends, I’d highly recommend this one!

Today’s independent study was about interruptions and how Jesus lived a life that not only expected interruptions, but welcomed them. In an exercise where the book prompted us to look up several different passages of scripture, we filled out a chart showing times that Jesus was interrupted by people needing a healing touch, a word of encouragement, or just His time. “Giving people our time is an act of radical generosity” is one line from the book that I want to keep at the forefront of my mind. It’s so easy to be so focused on what I’m doing – to just have a one-track mind, that I miss opportunities to show people I care or spend time with them that means so much.

I don’t know about you, but I’m oftentimes so guilty of that panicked feeling when someone stops by my house – instantly thinking it’s not clean enough, I haven’t mopped, or there’s toys all over the floor. This passage spoke right to my heart:

“But the thing is, being willing to be interrupted isn’t about the state of our houses. It’s about the state of our hearts. Women aren’t hungry for perfection; they’re hungry for connection.”

Lisa-Jo Baker, We Saved You a Seat, pg. 23

I’m excited for the next few weeks of this study, but I just wanted to share the goodness that’s already gripped my heart and left me wanting more. There’s something so special about digging into the Word in the fellowship of women of all different ages and backgrounds who share a couple very important things in common: a love for Jesus and a desire to know Him more.

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