Hello, Third Trimester!

Wow! I can’t believe I’ve already entered into my third trimester. Time has just flown by this pregnancy. I know I can’t be the only one who feels like their second pregnancy went by so much faster than their first! It seems like just yesterday, this journey was beginning and by the time I got over the initial shock and fear of the risks associated with having the IUD removed, I was over halfway to my due date. And now, here I am at week 28.

This pregnancy has been quite different from my first – better in some ways and a little harder in other ways. When I was expecting Landon, I was working a desk job with a commute that had me spending almost two hours a day in the car. I left our house early and by the time I got home, I was too tired to cook and so we ate fast food a lot. My feet dangled from my chair and I had no way to prop them up at my high desk, and in my third trimester, swelling became a big, big problem. In addition to spending far too much time in a car each day, sitting in a way that contributed to my swelling, and eating very unhealthy meals, I also did not exercise… at all. I was huge and miserable and overall, gained about 73 pounds. By the time I delivered at 37 weeks (due to high blood pressure), I was almost unrecognizable and so very uncomfortable. Yes, part of the weight gain was fluid, but I would be lying if I said that I did everything in my power to keep it under control.

This time around, I am at home with a bubbly toddler who is literally built-in exercise. He is so much fun and has so much energy. Chasing him around and being up and down in the floor playing with him all day every day is kind of like a free gym membership! Also, being at home during the day has allowed me to cook the majority of the time, which I love. Landon and I also walk a few miles several times a week when the weather permits. So far, I have not experienced much if any swelling and I feel pretty good throughout the day most days.

I remember not sleeping well towards the end of my first pregnancy, but this time, I have not slept well from day one. My hips and back ache when I lay down and I wake up 5-6 times a night every night. I have also experienced round ligament pain, which I had never dealt with before. But, I have been so blessed and I know that so many women experience much worse things throughout their pregnancies than I have, so I’m really very thankful!

I am savoring every day that I have left with my sweet boy, just the two of us. The idea of splitting my attention and my heart between two babies still scares me, but I am starting to have a peace about it and trusting Jesus to give me the grace and wisdom and strength that I need. I know He will make my heart grow and fill me with the kind of love that only a Mama knows all over again the second I hold this precious little girl. Her life is a miracle, and I am so honored that He has given me this incredible gift. My friend Lee has two of the sweetest boys and when I asked her how she makes it look so easy and teaches them to be so well-natured and kind, she said that she prays constantly that Jesus will “stand in the gap” and help her when she falls short. So, that’s become my prayer too, that Jesus will intervene and that I’ll trust Him and rely on Him to make it through each and every day.


Thanks so much for following along during this pregnancy! We can’t wait to meet our Harper girl and are so thankful for all of your love and support!


This dress is from my all-time favorite – Pinkblush! I’ve featured their adorable clothing  (both maternity and non-maternity) here on Coffee Date With Kate several times and as always, their selection and awesome deals never disappoint (if you subscribe, they send out emails practically every morning with awesome coupon codes and they always have free shipping).

It’s hard to find good quality, trendy maternity clothing at a great price point that just makes you feel good, and I’ve found that it’s so important (especially when your body is changing so much) to make the effort to feel comfortable in your own skin. Sometimes all it takes is a pretty dress! I think this dress would be perfect for a baby shower, maternity photos, or even just to wear to church on Sunday. It comes in a wide variety of patterns and color combinations, and it’s just one of hundreds of beautiful options that Pinkblush has to offer. I’m looking forward to wearing it postpartum too, because it’s so versatile and perfect for nursing!

This dress was provided to me by the PinkBlush Style Ambassador program, but as always, all opinions are my own. 

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