Landon’s 2nd Birthday Party

This Sunday, we finally celebrated Landon’s 2nd Birthday (a month late)! He turned two on May 24th, just two weeks after his sister’s birthday (she was born May 10th), so I knew we’d be celebrating his birthday late this year. We had a much smaller party this year than last and kept it simple with just hot dogs, fruit, chips, a few little snacks, and of course, my Mama made his circus-themed cake. The topper spun around while we sang “Happy Birthday” and it was just so cute!


We reserved a shelter at one of his favorite parks that has a train and splash pad, so all the kids were kept very busy and had a great time but it was so hot (upper 90’s), so the adults who suffered through his party must really, really love him. I had been praying for pretty weather since I paid the deposit to reserve the shelter a few weeks before, and we were thankful that Jesus answered my prayers. In fact, ironically enough, the only brief shower happened during the five minute train ride, so we all got off the train soaking wet (hence my sopping wet top knot in every picture). Oh well, it’s definitely a memory we’ll remember forever!


Landon got so many fun presents and loved playing with all his cousins and friends. Grayson and I are so thankful to everyone who came and loved on our boy and helped make his party so special. It’s hard to believe he’s already two – I don’t know what we ever did without him!


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