Classic Market Gift Co.

Today, I’m so excited to be sharing a new favorite Etsy Shop with ya’ll!

Classic Market Gift Co. offers adorable apparel for women and children as well as merchandise like tea towels and pillow covers at wonderful price points. What I love most about the apparel is that most all of it can easily be dressed up for church or going out to dinner or dressed down for an afternoon at the park or quick trip to the grocery store.

Classic Market Gift Co. is based out of San Diego, California and ran by owner and creative, Victoria Bobo. She says it best:

“We are a Navy family and my fearless husband trains a lot! Most days, my hair stays in a top knot, I live and sometimes sleep in yoga pants, and coffee is in the percolator All. Day. Long. I need easy and comfortable. I love making shirts for those not in my season of life, but my store began to shift towards more mommy things. Now I can run an errand without looking like I’m in pajamas. I can pair my shirts with yoga pants or skinnies, so that’s one less step in my date night ready routine!

I’ve recently added a new printing process to my store. This has opened new doors for the world of gifts! New products are in production all the time. I have to keep a list because the options are limitless!

Now I want to give other people a chance to give something that they can personalize any way they want. A nice, affordable gift that comes straight from the heart. A few shirts that can go from casual to chic in minutes. The days are long but the years are short, might as well be cute living life!”

Victoria Bobo, Classic Market Gift Co.

Another really cool aspect of this shop: Victoria loves the process of creating new designs and is happy to work with you if you have a special idea in your head. Just shoot her a message via etsy and she’ll be thrilled to work with you!

A few more of my favorites from Classic Market Gift Co.:

I could go on and on and on listing favorites because I seriously just adore each and every piece in the shop. You can almost feel the love in each piece!


I chose these precious Wizard of Oz shirts (find Landon’s shirt here and Harper’s shirt here) because it reminds me of a little piece of my childhood that I have such sweet memories of.


Growing up, the Wizard of Oz was a favorite movie of mine, not just because of the whimsical magic of the 1939 film featuring Judy Garland, but also because of special memories I have going to a small Wizard of Oz theme park tucked away at the top of Beech Mountain, North Carolina. At this little theme park (which originally opened in 1970, closed in 1980, and then began reopening for a few weekends a year beginning in the early 1990’s attracting sell-out crowds) skipping down the yellow brick road in my blue gingham Dorothy costume made the movie come to life for me.


With my Mama on the yellow brick road, probably around 1998


In my Dorothy Halloween costume, probably around 1998


Grayson and his sister dressed as Dorothy and the Tin Man, a Halloween in the 1990’s

For best results, follow wash care instructions: turn inside out and hang to dry.

Thanks so much to Classic Market Gift Co. for providing the shirts featured in this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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