First Tweetsie Trip

This past weekend, we took the kiddos to Tweetsie Railroad for the first time! The tickets were a birthday gift from my aunt and uncle (and I think it’s one of my favorite presents ever)! We had been looking forward to this trip since June, and I had been praying for weeks that the weather would cooperate, which it did (although the morning was very chilly, it was a much welcomed change from the unseasonal 90 degree weather we’ve been having at home).

Landon was a little ball of joy and wonder all day and watching him take in all the sights and sounds was truly one of the highlights of my life. He was so sweet and so excited, and I wished I could make the day last forever. He was so happy to be there, completely fascinated with the train (and kept saying “allll aboard!” in his cute little voice), and was covered in blue rock candy by the time we left at closing time.

It ended up being the perfect day. The weather was glorious, the park wasn’t too crowded (he hardly had to wait for any rides and got to ride everything multiple times), and we split a big pepperoni pizza for lunch.

If you’ve been to Tweetsie before, you know there’s nothing that smells or sounds quite like it. It was the perfect combination of sweet nostalgia (Tweetsie was a big highlight of my own childhood) and seeing it through new eyes this time – my boy’s eyes. After 20 years, so much is still the exact same and in a world where everything has changed so much, it was so fun sharing a piece of my childhood with Landon. I wouldn’t trade this day for the world, and we’re already looking so forward to taking him back next year!


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